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January 11, 2011

Giveaway: Read and Share Bible

 I am so ecstatic to be doing this giveaway!

I had heard about this bible after seeing a trailer for the Read and Share DVD Bible from one of the GiGi videos my girls watch, but never got my hands on it to see it for myself. When a wonderful representative from Tommy Nelson Publishing contacted me to do a review and giveaway, I was giddy with excitement.

I loved the idea of actually sharing with you my experience with this bible and them passing it along to you.
I was in for a completely exceeded my expectations.

The girls have had several kind of bibles that are age appropriate. Some were lift the flap, or stories with an illustration of a bible character.  But the Read and Share Bible is by far the best bible we have used with our kids for a few reasons...

1.  The discussion starter questions that accompany each story make for simple and very fruitful devotion time.
I am amazed at the response from my girls.  They LOVED the illustrations and the thought provoking questions actually made them think and respond.  They are age appropriate and it made them want to hear more.  After the first time using this bible, they both woke up in the morning asking to read it again as a family.

2.  The illustrations are nothing short of spectacular!
When you first see them, they are bright and not at all busy.  But it is the content of the illustration that is so amazing.  They literally tell the story in a way that a child can understand and then engage themselves in the story. For example, in the creation story, when God makes man, you see this large hand fashioning a man and it makes it understandable for a child that our Big and Mighty God made us. 

Below is the story of Noah so you can see for yourself.  The illustration of the flood covering the land is just brilliant and so easy to understand in the little mind of a child. I will stop typing so you can start reading...The Story of Noah from the Read and Share Children's Bible

Just awesome, right? Here's the scoop on entering...


1.  Leave me a comment letting me know 2 things...(This is required)
           Who would this bible be for?
           What do you like about the Read and Share bible?
2.  You may get a second entry if you post this on your blog. Leave me a comment that you did this with a link back to your blog post.
3.  You do NOT have to become a follower of my blog but it would bless me if you did. :)
If you do, you may have a third entry. If you are already a follower, leave me a separate comment letting me know that you are.

Thanks for entering!
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  1. Thanks for the giveaway. If I win the Bible would be for my kiddos. I love the pictures!

  2. This bible would be for my two sons who are 3 and 1 right now. This would make reading the bible to them a lot easier! :) Love it and love this giveaway.

  3. I am a follower of your blog already! :) Love it

  4. Thanks for doing this. It would be for my daughter Lydia Grace. I love the pictures!

  5. Who would this bible be for? It would be for my three children.

    What do you like about the Read and Share bible?
    There are pictures and the words would be easy for my 8 year old to read and my 5 and 2 year old would be able to understand what was going on with the illustrations.

  6. 1. I would get this for my daughter, she loves to read bible stories. Now that we live with my grandmother it would be a great book for them to share together.

    2. My favorite part of the read and share bible is the discussion questions, I think that sharing questions are important ways to get your kids and everybody thinking about the bible stories.

  7. I'm a follower of your blog!!

  8. This would be for my 4 year old daughter. I love that it has discussion questions- our current story Bible doesn't.

  9. This bible would be for my best friend's little girl. I love all the pictures and discussion questions, so great!

  10. This bible would be for my kids (ages 8 and 3). My husband and I also teach Sunday school for the 3 year olds at church, and I think this would be great for them. I love the simplicity of the stories. Easy for little ones to understand.

  11. Oooo I think annie could read this to me! & she would stay up late "sneak reading" I would love that! Learing to read by reading the bible...perfect!

    Thanks for the tip Jess!

    If I followed you any'd lock me up :)

  12. hey...that is sweet of you to put up my cupcake button too! I was just going to put up your button on my sidebar too!

  13. Definitely give it to Gavin. He is very visual and that is what is so cool about this bible.

  14. I would give the Bible to my almost three year old. I think he'd love it. But my five year old I'm sure would enjoy it too. Kelly

  15. I am a follower. ;-) Kelly

  16. Book would be for my 3 kids and I love the way you describe the pictures telling the story! Xo -Jennifer N Also I LOVE the heart garand!!! So cute! We are definitely going to copy you. Lindsey will love it.

  17. this would be for my little peanut butter!!
    I LOVE the questions they have at the end!! very thought provoking even us grown people need!

  18. I'd like this bible to be my son's very first book. He's turning 3 this coming April and would be starting school on June. He's a bit talkative so I know he'll be sharing the stories to his peers.

    Dirk would love the illustrations. :)

    drewlexdeck @

  19. Followed your blog via GFC.



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