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January 18, 2011

Pretty Paper Cones: Good Living Magazine Project 3

I know paper cones are not necessarily something new but I love making them. 
Maybe they are new to some of you?
For me personally...I always like to find out how to make things that seem simple but I can not quite figure them out until I see it step by step.
And there is something so endearing to me about pretty paper becoming a functional object or container.  And I love containers. Madly.

Once, I was in a group of people and we were all introducing ourselves and part of the intro was to say one thing about ourselves. My one thing?  Hi, I am Jessica and I like containers
Yes, I did. 
Fortunately, people laughed but I totally revealed the geek I am.  

Okidokes. Let's find out how to make these cones...
 You need 3 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper, glue gun and ribbon (optional)
 Turn the paper so it is in a diamond shape and begin rolling the corner facing you into a tube.
 As you roll, keep the end to the left tighter while allowing the paper to open a bit on the right on the tube.
 Keep the left as tight as you can but don't allow the top of the cone on the right to get too loose.  Then it will lose its shape.
 When you are finished play with it until you like the shape.
 Use glue to seal it off and glue another open seams.
 Wait until it is dry.
 There you have some pretty cones to dress up a flower arrangement.
 You could even wrap a ribbon around it to give it a nice finish.
I just love how the red roses look with the ivory and black stripes.
 These cones are great for cotton candy, Valentine treats, favors, or whatever else your creative mind can come up with.
Here is another fun idea...bless someone with a flower arrangement on their door and leave it anonymously! Here, I hung the flowers by putting them through a heart cookie cutter and tied off a ribbon on the cookie cutter. You could even use napkin rings or even soup cans and mason jars tied off with twine or wire. 
A fun Secret Valentine gift or even one for a neighbor.
The end. :)

So the heart garland, the secret cookie messages and these paper cones are my 3 projects for the latest Good Living Magazine issue.  Hope you like the projects and when I get the online version of the magazine, I will post it on my sidebar.   
Actually, I have not even seen it yet so I am excited to know how it will turn out. 

Now I am off to get to read a book and get over this flu that has turned into me walking a fine line between bronchitis and pneumonia.
That will keep for another post.



  1. very exciting to be in a magazine. I want to make things with parchment paper and old music sheets. parchment paper is just so cool and I can see these cones in parchment paper.
    Feel better!

  2. Beautiful idea! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Don't you hate that we don't have a Container Store here. Drives me batty. I hope you start feeling better soon. I want to see you soon to give you magazines. Hopefully by Friday. Love to you!


  4. These are so elegant--I love it! Hope you get well soon!!

  5. What book are ya reading? I just finsihed THE HELP...wish it never ended!

    I am a cone lover too! I like to make them for summer picnices & set them out with puppy chow or popcorn or this special Dill mix I love to make :) Perfect around my siters pool :) I love the idea of hanging the flowers on people's doors like you have them! They are just so pretty!!!!

    Now go get better! That one sure is hanging on! NIGHT!

  6. so do you really just come up with these ideas? you put my creativity to shame! love all the crafts for the season!

  7. I absolutely adore paper cones. Seriously. And the cookie cutter idea....brilliant.

    Have I mentioned how proud I am of you? Well I am. You are doing something amazing with your gift of creativity. What a wonderful example to your girls.


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