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January 4, 2011

Some Cute Shots and My Word of the Year

It has taken me FOREVER to get back to life, our schedule, normalcy, and finally...this blog.  We had a whirlwind Christmas of unexpected changes in plans and an 11 hour road trip back to my old hood...NORTH CAROLINA.  Oh, how I have missed that place.  As many of you know, the Hubs is from NC and is true blue Tar Heel.  I went to college in NC too and that state has been in my heart ever since.

We had not been back in 4 years and we were so excited to be there for Christmas.  According to the girls, Maw Maw and Paw Paw's house ROCKS!

Sadly, ever since Christmas, we have been up and down with sickness with all the weather changes for our humidity adapted bodies. And then last night Ella cracked her chin open jumping in the bathtub (after telling her to stop for the 3rd time...sigh) sending us to an after hours clinic to get her sealed up. I about fell out on the floor seeing my child's fatty tissue inside a gaping hole under her chin but that story can be for another day...yet I think that picture in your mind should suffice. So that is a sum up of the last few weeks.

Here are some highlights from our Christmas...
 Bikes for the girls!
We were loaded up with suitcases (and bikes) with 5 hours into the trip to NC.
We had our first ever Christmas Eve dinner at McDonald's and then got into jammies.  
It was a surreal moment when I ordered a Number 1 meal on Christmas Eve.
 We don't have many leaf piles in FL so Ella was beyond excited to jump in a huge pile on our first day there.
I also thought you all would appreciate some Ella smiles.
It does not happen often in front of a camera.
 "My Paw Paw is so silly in his hat."
 This face melts my heart.
 This one too. :)
Cati is a true blue animal lover. 
 I love how Cati is looking at her Paw Paw in this pic.  
The girls are just crazy about their Grandparents.
 Cati loooooooooooooves the snow.
 This was Ella's first time ever playing in the snow. So magical and precious.
No, I did not get her right between the eyes with a snowball.  
She did that when trying to lick the snow by bending over.  Oh, my Ella.
 Daddy is so cool to pull Cati on this sled!
 He even sprints to make it go fast!
 Family pic in the snow!  
We Floridians had our 2nd White Christmas as a family. YAY!
(2 years ago we did in NJ where my Dad lives)
 Paw Paw collected some snow from outside and made...
 My FIL (Paw Paw) is a dentist so the girls wanted to visit his office and sit in his fun yellow chair.
Then it was back home to play with the goods.
Cati taught herself to hula hoop in a day.  So cool.
 How funny that we were in snow a few days before and in shorts and t-shirts a few days later?

Now for my WORD.

I confess that I never make New Year's resolutions but I am completely digging this one word that people come up with to be a theme for the new year.  At first I thought it was going to be HEALTHY.  I really am not as health conscious as I used to be and being smack dab in my mid thirties, I need that to change.  But I needed to broaden that word a little and I realized the word I was seeking for my theme in 2011 is NURTURE.

Here are some synonyms...grow, develop, feed, educate, train, cultivate, nourish, the act or process of raising or promoting the development of...

I want to nurture my family, my marriage, my girls, my extended family.  I want to eat healthy, train for another 5K and actually do it, be a godly wife and mother, teacher, and most of all a woman who seeks the heart of God.  This word fits all these categories so perfectly and it is my hope that this year is one where I nurture the life I have and all that God has given me.

If you had a theme what would it be?  I smile every time I think of mine.  It just fits and I pray your New year is filled with new beginnings too.  Seriously.  I just prayed for you.  For reals. :)

P.S.  I have a new giveaway coming up. Just got it in the mail after being asked to do a little review.  One for me and one for one of YOU!


  1. Jessica, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

    I love your word, Nurture. Beautiful!

    I talked about my resolution on my blog too.

    Here's to a nurturing year for you and all of us!

  2. Loved all the pictures, your girls are too cute! I also love your word for the year. Any news about the job search?

  3. YAY! You're back! :)

    Totally digging your word choice for the year. May need to steal it from you . . . or share it with you . . . or something. :D

    P.S. Your card made me smile every time I saw it up on my wall with all the other Christmas wishes from my family and friends. Thank you for sending it!

    P.P.S I only WISH it was warm enough here to go outside and do some hula hooping. It's been dumping buckets of snow on us today!

  4. The pictures of your girls in the snow really are magical! I love that ya'll made snow cream!

  5. Looks like a wonderful holiday! I LOVE the one word for the year!

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas and family adventures with us! Your girls looked like they had so much fun. I literally could smell those leaves, seriously. I don't have to imagine the feel of snow though, cause we have lots of it here and temps in the teens or single digits. Brrrrr! You are truely a blessing. I love how vivid a picture you paint of your life. I just wish I knew you in person, but this works well and I look forward to the day we may meet, someday when we will be with Him! It was a wonderful surprise to open up your blog today and see that you posted, and a perfect b-day ending. So, thanks again!

  7. Love these pictures--I feel like I am right there listening to those giggles! Glad you had a wonderful holiday.

    I love your word for the year. Mine would have to be ORDER. I need some in my life--in all aspects!

  8. Your girls are so precious and sweet! So glad you got to see family..I love your McDonald's Christmas Eve dinner, you will never forget that one.

    Your word is wonderful! I don't have a word at this point, but I am ready to be pruned and whatever that entails.

    Happy New Year!!

  9. happy new year! we sustained a minor head injury over the holidays; my zora cracked her forehead on a table and had a bump the size of a small egg. had a black stripe from being on a vein. that was enough to make me woozy. can't imagine the chin hole!! i feel for you both. our kids like to stand up and dance around in the tub as well. yikes!

    love the pics. how does one make snow cream?

  10. Oh these pictures are precious. I love every one. I feel like they all tell a story. So glad you shared. Love BFF

  11. well don't feel bad about McDonalds, we flew into Minnesota on Christmas day and tried the drive thru, they weren't even open!!
    my word would be trust, as in trusting in God. I am so lost in my life right now, I have no choice whatsoever, but to trust in God. I wasn't going to make any resolutions, but that seems like a good one for 2011.

  12. Hey there! Looks like we are doing the same thing tonight :) A little visiting! I have a few hours to myself tonight & I made some candles with my new wax shipment & now I get to visit! :)

    LOVE the white Christmas pictures! Pawpaw running with the sled! So cute! What a guys! (even though I have a STRONG dislike for dentists :) I think I'd like him ;)

    Oh no about the chin!!! I hope she is healing well! That IS so hard for a mama to see!

    Oh & the bikes! That totally made me smile so big! Bikes are life changers! I can imagine they will have a lot of fun! Wish we could ride ours right now...the picture with no snow made me a little jealous :) But tomorrow Kel is taking the kids skating & so I have to love it while it is here right?

    Now how could you do that too me...wear colored sock? Actually it would have surprised me even more if you wore white ones! I will still talk to though...& maybe send you a little bleach for your sock drawer :)

  13. Okay...that was not a comment...that was a chapter.

  14. Brandon looks so strong & YOUNG pulling that sled so fast!

  15. I was just doing some reading over at Marla's and an older post sent me here. Glad I came. Your girls are precious. I have a special love of pink. My only child, a daughter, gave me four delightful granddaughters!

  16. What an absolutely wonderful post. I love all the photos of those gorgeous girls of yours. And your theme is perfect. I am so excited to see where God is going to take you this year.

    Let's theme this year would have to be FOCUS. Yep, that is it.


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