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June 7, 2011

DIY 4th of July Sparkler Cupcake Picks : Good Living Magazine Project 2

If I could marry a craft, it would be this one.  For real.  I love these little cupcake picks so much.  I mean, who doesn't love sparklers?  As a young girl, I remember how excited (and slightly terrified) I was holding the real ones on the 4th.  I would be stare at it and then get braver, spinning them in circles and delighting in such a fun celebration. Making these brought back sweet summer memories for me and I think this might be a fun one worth repeating.
All you need: 
Silver Crochet Thread (by Red Heart Fashion purchased at Wal Mart), 4 inch skewers, scissors, and hot glue.
This is like making a pom pom...wrap around three fingers 40-50 times.
Gently slide the loops off and place them on top and in the middle of a length of the thread.
Tie it securely with a double knot twist it to be back and do it again.
Cut the loops on either end.
It will look like this.  Without the loops I missed before taking this shot. Oops.

After a little dab of hot glue on the blunt end, slide the skewer inside the knot and hold until set. 
Fluff it out.
Look at this adorable cupcake pick?  I love that it has just the right sparkle to make it look real!
I made six of these and they took me about 10-15 minutes.

They totally make me happy!  What do you think? 
Thanks for peeking in on Day 2 of my...


  1. So cute & so easy!! This is my kinda of project!! It really looks like a little sparkler!! LOVE it!!

  2. Love this idea. I also love the sippy cup idea. I will have to try it when we get home from our vacay.

    In response to your comment: The IKEA in Tampa is actually the one we are going to visit. :) Thanks for asking how I am feeling. I am 23 weeks and doing great! Little Eli has been kicking like crazy which is so reassuring.

    Very excited about your July 4th ideas!
    ~Jennifer Dawn from

  3. omgosh Jess!!!i LOOOVVVEEEE THESE!!!! My FIL
    B day is on the 4th of July!! We are not going to be there this Year for it But God willing Next year we are and I am SO Doing these for him!!
    You are a Genius!! Genius I say!

  4. What a great idea!!!! I love it! Any suggestions for making our puppy an Uncle Sam costume for the 4th? He just "needs" one so bad!

  5. You totally crack me up. I love that you are such a dork. I just hope the hubs doesn't get too jealous and do something crazy like wrap himself up in silver thread as he competes with sparkly crafts for your affections!!! As always- Cute cute!
    Jenn N

  6. jessica these are so cute and great spin on the cupcake topper!

  7. Do you mind if I pin this on Pinterest? So cute! I wanna remember this! tweeting right now!

  8. ACK!!! These are so cute!! I'm saving this tutorial! I have to do this for the 4th!! Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

    Are you on facebook?? I'm sharing this on my page!

  9. cute idea! Would love to share on my blog this coming week! Hope that's okay??
    RM, Home Confetti

  10. Just snooping through your posts & HOW did I miss this one! SUPER CUTE!!! These totally look like sparklers! I love how the pics are up in the air instead of normal cake toppers. I am thinking I might need to make some cupcakes :) & some sparklers!

  11. The sparkler picks are super cute, but the cupcakes are awesome! How did you make them?

  12. Ok, I love these pom poms but I just have to say that your wedding ring set is phenomenal!

  13. I LOVE these! I'm now following you and going to the store so I can make these with my boys! Thanks for sharing these! :)


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