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June 24, 2011

Thrifting Cottage Style

Hello there friends!  
Just stopping in with a little note to say hi and to let you know I have been so crazy busy that I have not been able to be in the crafting mode.  And I miss it so! I have lots of things "in process." VBS is this week for the kiddos so I am driving all over the town, roasting in this Florida heat and wondering where the term lazy summer came from.  I mean, seriously!
But I did get a chance to do some thrifting this week and I was specifically looking for sheets. Sheets to make several wreaths (like this white ruffly wreath from the Spring) and other pretty things where I can FINALLY open up an Etsy shop.
I am going to get started on an actual inventory and then jump off this scary cliff. 
Can you believe it? 
I mean, I have been talking about it for almost 2 years.
You probably don't believe me anymore. :)
These shabby chic, cottage style sheets literally shouted my name. Literally.  It was eerie.  
The cheerful, light and airy colors.  Oh yes, I answered their call.
I already made this one out of a few of the pillowcases. 
What do you think?
An honest to goodness shop item...I am still stunned.
Just lovely, happy, little ruffles.

I hope to add garlands and some other fun little items but I am starting off with a narrow focus or I will never do it. I tend to lack focus, friends.  And time.  And sometimes resources. But I got it together and hope I can keep going.  

At the moment my focus is working on the girl's birthday party this year. They share a party with both their birthdays landing 2 weeks apart in the middle of the summer. Mommy loves doing parties but not two in a row.  I am so not a "Super-Crafty-Never Needs Sleep For Weeks On End-Still Has Time For Mascara" Mom.

So we do ONE party. :)

I hope to post the cutie patootie invites soon.  Stick with me...I got things in the works.  PROMISE!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


  1. So pretty! My mom used to make these years ago, but this has an updated look to it. Love it!

  2. Your wreath is so cute! I make wreaths, too! I've been talking about opening a shop as well but the time isn't quite right yet! ♥

  3. Lovely!
    Throwback Thursday link party. Linky open through Sunday.

  4. of course you had to get them!! you didn't want them to haunt your crafty dreams, now would ya :)

  5. Love it! You're so close!!! The suspense is KILLING ME. Open, will you?

  6. Oooooh I am with you on the lack of focus, funds, and time! So good luck as you (really) begin the adventure ... this wreath is fabulous! LOVE.

  7. ummm... SO cute! I was actually just thinking about going thrifting yesterday. I think I'm taking the girls to the flea market tomorrow morning to find some stuff for our styled shoot :)

  8. It is gorgeous! & I'm going to do my son & daughter's birthday party together this year - I always swore I would never do that to my kids - but here I am ;-) & of course they won't care! (Not to mention the family and friends that won't have to come twice in a month).
    Good call & I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  9. They're beautiful... you MUST grace the Etsy world with them... SOON!

  10. Awesome! I love all the ruffles... way to go on the shop, and I can't wait to see what you've dreamt up for the birthday!
    Blessings on your day!

  11. oh my word, did I miss your birthday??? is it today? whats the date??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JESSICA!!! hope it's a great one. I love the wreath. I saw your title of thrifting and cottage and those are my two faves. Wish I had time right now. I am so missing my sewing machine. Can't wait to see your etsy shop. it's really not that scary.

  12. Ohhhh PRETTY! I want some of those sheets too! Can't wait to see what else you make with them!

  13. Love the Shabby feel of this wreath! Thrify...YES!

  14. Your wreaths are beautiful! Don't be scared about opening a etsy shop, they are awesome. I couldn't have done mine however without the help of my daughter (I'm not really great at things on the computer) but you should have no problem. If you have any questions just contact Tonya or me at Love of Family and Home. I have learned a few things by my mistake and like to help out others so they don't make the same costly mistakes I did. Good luck!! Kathy

  15. I want to come to this party! The pastel colors, the vintage feel-ooooh! Love the hoola hoops and ring toss. Makes we want to run bare-foot through the grass.

    :)crafty texas girls


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