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June 29, 2011

Peaches and Basil... Amazing Together!

 Thought I would share one of my favorite summertime yummy goodness treats!
 I found this recipe in Real Simple (original recipe at link) several years ago and when I tried it I was in taste bud heaven.

For a single serve snack, this is what I do:
1-2 ripe peaches
fresh mozzarella 
fresh basil leaves (5 or 6) torn into small pieces
A splash of olive oil
Freshly ground pepper and a pinch of sea salt
(regular table S & P is just fine)

I make this for parties all the time too. ♥
Mix it together and get ready for an amazing, tasty treat!
  I love peaches, basil, and mozzarella but the idea of salt and pepper with olive oil intrigued me.
Are YOU intrigued?
You will not be disappointed. 
 Seriously.  Go make it.  Right now. And tell me what you think. :)


  1. Okay...That Looks REALLY good... Yes!! I am intrigued.. However I am going to have to wait to make it... Until I can get to the Market to buy these ingredients.... You will certainly be hearing from me.. : )

  2. That sounds yummy. I will have to wait till I get fresh peaches from the farmers market when they are in season...

  3. beautiful photos and you've got me craving this although it's 5:50 am here! YUM

  4. That looks amazing! Will have to try it too (but have to go shopping first...)


  5. Sounds yummy! One of my favorite summer recipes is Bobby Flay's for grilled peaches (brush with olive oil, & salt & pepper first) topped with proscuitto, basil, and reduced balsamic vinegar. Now I need to go get some peaches!

  6. yummmm... I have to try this, it looks divine!

  7. even though i never tried this.. can you believe i had a Dream i was having it for dinner! LOL

  8. I'm gonna have to try that one! And I am off to try some of your cookie ideas for my 4th of July party. Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi thank your for sharing your infertility story! I just read through the whole thing and cried many-a-tears. My little sister was born w/o a uterus and so much of your story parallels her struggle. My husband and I began doing foster care almost 3 years ago and my sister and her husband recently followed in our footsteps. Our story ended w/ an adoption of two sisters... their story thus far, ended w/ a return home that broke their (and our) hearts. My sister is struggling with whether to put her heart on the line again> They were supposed to get a brand new baby two weeks ago and that fell through. I am currently 9 months pregnant. It's so hard for me to help her thru her pain, and yet know that a part of me (my belly!) is causing that pain as well. Anyway.. long story short, I tried to email all of this to you but my computer wants to open a dumb email program when I click your email link and I don't have that account, and thus can't view your email address. I wanted to share a bit of her story, our story, and also say that I will be sharing your blog w/ her.... but also since you mentioned making a book for your daughter, I thought I could share some books I made for my girls!! (: So... email me if you have a chance, dnbarton at gmail dot com and I will share those with you privately... as well as my sister's blog if you're interested! Thanks so much (: Danielle

  10. I am Danielle's sister and she emailed me your infertility story... It was so inspiring and made me cry tears of hope for someone (myself) who has lost some of my hope during this point in my life. My two foster babies of 6 months went home in April and it broke my heart. We were ready to pick up another newborn from the hospital a couple of weeks ago, but it fell thru. We have put our hearts on the line to try to adopt a baby thru foster care and our working on an independent adoption... It is hard with how much money everything costs. And we really are wanting a newborn.... Thank you for your story!!

  11. That sounds so fresh and summery. I could almost smell it as I read your post. Beautiful.

  12. What a unique combo! I have tO admit it sounds a little weird at first, but I'm going to take your word for it and try it :)

  13. I love your blog... It's so much fun :)

  14. Oh my goodness..this looks amazing my friend. Hugs for a great July 4th. xo

  15. Wow, I use the exact same recipe only with cherry tomatoes instead of peaches :) I bet it's good like this too.

  16. Yum! I can't believe that I've never tried these flavors together before.

    I came over from Pinterest (your fabric wrapped coasters sent me!) and am now following your blog too.

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  17. Jess!! I just tried this yesterday for the first time (finally) . . . it is AMAZING! Of course, I bought enough to make it for a party and then when I went to cut up the peaches only 2 of them were actually ripe. Erg. In 3 days it's going to be peach party time over at my house. Wanna come over? LOL!


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