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September 8, 2011

I have Never Done a Jewelry Craft...So Be Gentle!

Do any of you incredibly creative and crafty people suffer from the same ailment that I have?
It's called..."I can SO make that-ITIS." 
I see things and I am convinced I can make not only the exact same way but maybe even better. 
Wow.  Talk about my BIG crafty head.
Here's what happened.  I am in a cute store.  Francesca's.  
Know it?  
It's kinda like poor man's Anthropologie in bite size form. Love. 

Anyway...I adore all the jewelry...funky and fun.  I spotted some earrings that had fabric ruffles on them.  Loved the concept but they were kind of busy looking.  So I was inspired by the idea but wanted to change it around.  No clear vision mind you.  I just wanted ruffles and maybe some fun color. 
But where to begin? 
I did not want to purchase jewelry making stuff since I have no idea what I am doing.

 But the other day, I'm at Walmart and found these inexpensive earrings perfect for my first try.
 So I got to work to give these ultra, blindingly shiny, metal things some personality and flair.
They turned out so cute...until I PUT THEM ON.  
It looked exactly like I spray painted and sewed ruffles to a pair of inexpensive earrings.
In 1984. And kept them.
But how cute would it be as a necklace? 
Oh, I think this actually could work!  
I think I have to rework this a bit.  I have never, ever made a necklace for myself to wear.  I'm just a see, like, and buy it kind of girl. Consider this my bling practice run. is fun to be creative and share it with you.  Even if it is a bit of a craft fail I'm going to wear it proud. :)

Do you ever have any funny craftastrophe's?  Tell me I am not alone.:)


  1. I crocheted a market bag and didn't check the gauge first and ended up with this bag that nearly went to the floor and could carry a small child! I knew it looked big while I was making it but for some stupid reason I kept going.

  2. I don't have any fails cause I buy the stuff and just never do it... hence a play/craft room full of ideas that never came true :(

  3. seriously this is really really cute!!!!

  4. Too funny! I once spent HOURS following a pattern to make a beaded cover-thingy for a clear glass ornament. I messed up half way through but didn't realize until I was almost done. It doesn't hang quite right and everyone said "it's fine, it's pretty" but it annoys me every Christmas when I see it! Love the necklace! Janel @ Seven Sisters

  5. that is too cute! I have craft fails all the time because I tend to not follow directions!

  6. This is adorable!
    (And, half of my stuff is half done and stuffed under my sewing table--all of the failed projects!

  7. I LOVE THIS! You SO could make jewelry and be amazing at it! I have a HUGE crafty head! lol. That's why I can't just settle and make one thing. I have to make absolutely everything I like. Yes, it's a very expensive problem. =)

  8. very cute idea! great job they turned out cute!

  9. You know what I love about this? That you could totally send me the matching necklace because you have leftovers. ;)

  10. This is awesome! I'm forever rethinking mind goes faster than my hands can! :)

  11. Oh, Jessica, I think it turned out so cute but yeah, as an earring, it *would* be very 80s! :)

    Craft fails? Ha-ha-ha-ha! I have so many! I actually thought about cataloging my fails for a blog post but it's just too embarrassing! I like my projects to boost my confidence not humiliate me! :)

  12. I think it's totally cute! I love it! I think we all feel like this about stuff we make sometimes. I am with Holly up there - we need a craft fail blog somewhere! LOL!

  13. There IS a craft fail blog!!! Called So fun!

  14. Oh goodness! You are so precious, it hurts! Can we please hang so I can absorb some of your fabulousness by osmosis or something?! Adorable rework!

  15. That is sooo cute!! I want one in pink, please! ;)


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