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September 15, 2011

Fabric Leaf Frames

 Happy Fall Y'all!
Honest to goodness I am just plain giddy to be actually posting an actual post.
And awake to blog about it.

The busyness of this year's schedule has shocked me and I never realized how much I need crafting as an outlet.  So all my projects are taking longer but I have a bunch up my sleeve for the Fall season. I hope, I hope, I hope I can get to them and share them here with you wonderful friends.

All righty.  Enough of me going on about my schedule.

This little project appeals to the seasonal decorator in me that I am shocked I have become. But I embrace it with ridiculous gusto. If you would have told me I would have taken frames that held other things...and changed them each season...I would have laughed. Usually, if I nailed it to the stayed there until it fell from my hasty handy work or I moved.

But now it irks me to have a pastel or summer looking frame of prettiness on the wall mocking me in my sea of orange, green, yellow, and brown things.

So I take them down and Fall-ify it.  Oh yes.  I made up that verb word.
For this project, I began by backing both of these frames with burlap. I then cut and embroidered (I use that term loosely) leaves to it using faux decorative ones as templates. I gave them a little dimension with some polyfil (no batting in the house) and used color coordinated embroidery floss. Because it is a little three dimensional I removed the glass for this frame.

I love to hand sew things and my style is primitive and childlike.  I love the look of imperfect stitches and I freehand my letters.  This totally would have been the word LEAVES but like I said...I free hand and ran out of space. LEAF it is.
This leaf I found in my sewing box that I made with fabric scraps and felt but I do not remember for what.
So putting this frame together took me all of two minutes. 
Hooray for fast and hoarding my stash!
If you are not a sewer you could do this with scrapbook paper, real (or faux) leaves, or just cut out the fabric and use it on the glass without a backing . A fun and easy project without too much prep or time needed.
I do have more to share and I am hoping I can get another post out soon!

Oh and I have to any of you do seasonal decorating?
Or am I in danger of having 10 boxes for each season filled with yard sale fodder because I can't stop my seasonal decorating mania? You have my permission to then commence with a blog intervention for me.

I will see it for it is...your love for me to stop the madness. :)

Smiles & Hugs! 


  1. oh cute. Even if it's not found in nature! ha ha! I am not a seasonal decorator. I don't think I have time or room, where do you store all that seasonal stuff? Maybe once a couple of my kids move out, I can pursue that. Which isn't to far away!

  2. ok, my husband actually requested that I do more seasonal decorating this year, how random is that?? Seriously? Ok. You pay for the crafting supplies (insert wicked laugh)!

    I love the simple/tatty stitching look. I actually just did this sort of thing on a fabric journal I made this week: Crafting is totally a healthy outlet, isn't it?! =)

  3. Oh my goodness, SO cute!!! Seriously, I wish I could be half as creative as you!


  4. Very, very cute, Jessica!

    I do seasonal decorating but it just depends on my mood how much I do. I'm digging in my heels and not wanting to let go of summer this year but I'll be getting out my pumpkins soon! ♥

  5. I really like these! Such a good way to use up fabric scraps.

  6. Love it, Jess! I need to do some random freestyle stuff . . . I am totally burned out from these bag patterns lately.


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