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September 30, 2011

Fall Door Decor: Apple Bushel Baskets

Well Happy Fall Y'all!  I hope each of you are well on your way to getting your Fall decorating on...I can't seem to stop this year.  By the time I am done and sit back to look at it all...I will probably be taking it all down and putting up Christmas stuff!
Actually...this apple basket project has been on my mind for awhile.  I think it is due to the fact that I have these completely UNINSPIRED wreaths on my door.  Oh they were just fine for our first Fall after we moved into this house a little over a year ago.  I had been in a quandary because we suddenly had a double door entry.  So I just made 2 wreaths with dollar store bunches of leaves and left it at that. I do really like them but they are lacking a bit in personality.

Fallish? Check. 
Doors covered? Check.
Totally loving it?  Hmmm...not so much. 
But this year I wanted to go a totally different route. So I came up with these apple baskets to hang on the doors.  They ended up surprisingly easy and quick. And so unique and versatile!
I am still not 100% positive I am in LOVE with them for door decor but I decided if I come up with a better door plan...they are still PERFECTLY useable elsewhere.

Here's how I did it...
I just realized I spelled raffia wrong through this entire post.  I have moved on. :)
The first thing to do is make the fun little Apple Sign (or SIGNS if you have 2 doors like me). Just take your simple wood square plaque (snagged it for.99) and glue 4 craft sticks to it to form a frame.  Do this by hot gluing the top and bottom and then the left and right sides. Then it is time to paint them.
I have no idea if my painting technique has a name. I would have loved to take photos for you but my hands were covered in paint and I was not picking up my fancy schmancy camera. Here's what I do...

I start by layering with 3-4 coats of different colors of paint. Next, I dry brush over each layer with white paint to distress it.  In this case I used blue and green layers to match my front door and the apples.

When each coat got tacky I would paint on another one.  Then I covered those layers with a brown color.  When the brown got tacky I would basically begin rubbing the paint off with my fingers by pushing and rolling the paint into flakes.  My goal was to make it look like like different coasts of paint chipped off over time. Then I would dry brush that too.  The letters were just stenciled with alpha stamps and when dry I dry brushed over those with white paint to look faded. 

The last step is nailing the framed sign (the nails are all crazy on purpose because they were too long but I like the effect) into the wooden stake.
Now for the basket.  This is where you use your floral foam. 1. I, of course, am cheap thrifty and use what I have on hand and found this square of styrofoam in some box. The styro/floral foam will anchor your sign in the basket. 2. I cut mine in half since I needed two. 3. Place it where you want your sign to go.  I wanted mine towards the back but make sure you position it where the handle can still be used to hang it up if you choose to. 4. Stick your sign in there. Awesome.
1.  Now stabilize your foam with crumpled newspaper so it can't move or fall over.
2.  Lightly fill the newspaper to about 3/4 full but don't pack it too tightly.
3.  Fill the top with raffia until the newspaper is covered.
Now for your apples.  Obviously we need to make sure the apples don't roll out of the basket. Since these are made of styrofoam, it makes it easy to push skewers through them and stick them through the raffia and newspaper.  I used 4 inch ones but regular ones would probably make them even more stable. In the above shot, I show you how I poked them through a different part of each apple (blunt side in, point side out) so that in the basket, they look natural like they were just dumped in there.

I think my favorite part was arranging them in there.  It was so much fun and even my 5 year old helped me.
Just wanted to show you it really works. :)
Then I just cut a length of the burlap garland, looped it through the handle and tacked the ends to the tops of my doors.
So simple and fun.  And I think pretty unique too!
How cute would these be with bunches of pumpkins and gourds in them?  Or pinecones and leaves?
What do you think?

Hugs to all of you!
Just know I appreciate each and every one of you.  Your comments.  Your pins. Your friendship.
And I wanted to extend a special thank you to all the lovely features and comments for my yarn wrapped gourds and pumpkins.  I am completely humbled and overwhelmed by such encouragement.
You all bless me so much.

P.S.  I am so excited I have to share...we are going to a REAL pumpkin patch tomorrow!  We have not done that in all the 8 years we have lived in Florida.  These are the times I miss living further north. I will take lots of pictures and share them with you!  And we are getting a cool front...85!
That is like long sleeve weather down here!


  1. I love this! What a fun new addition to your home! The apples are absolutely perfect for the season. You have such great style, I am really loving your blog!

  2. i love your apple baskets! so so pretty! you always post the prettiest things:) God bless you!

  3. I love these! I think it's even better than wreaths. I loved that it is door decor because it definitely takes you by surprise. It's not what you expect on a door. Fantastic idea! I also love that it could go through the entire season and not just Halloween or Thanksgiving or Back to School.

  4. Actually, that might make a cute Teacher gift... hmmm...

  5. absolutely adorable and original... love your projects...

  6. These are so cute Jess! We're going to the apple orchard on Friday with the pre-K class . . . apple picking, hay riding, pumpkin patching, cider, and donuts. It's going to be so fun . . . if ever so slightly more COLD than your trip will be. :)

  7. Perfect timing! We are planning a bridal shower for my sister. It is a fall theme "he picked her, she picked him". This is perfect!! How did you know I needed this??
    :) Samantha
    crafty texas girls

  8. These are lovely! You are full of great Fall ideas!(Care to come and implement them in my house?)I am catching up on my blog reads, I am so far behind! Hope you are well(and 85?? It is cold here! Today was 55)

  9. I love your apple baskets, Jessica and think they look fabulous on your double doors! Have fun at the pumpkin patch tomorrow!!

  10. The apple baskets are adorable! I found you through Under the Table and Dreaming. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. These are darling!! I love unique ideas for door decor. Have fun at the punkin patch! :)

    (p.s. Sharing a link to this later w/ my FB and twitter fans)

  12. Your apple baskets are just too cute! They would make a great centerpiece!

    I would love for you to stop by and link up your apple basket project.

  13. So unique, what a great idea..I love it.. I would LOVE for you to link and share at my blog party - Fall Crawl happening now pweease.. I love this.. Officially following ya with smiles.. Great blog.Love all the inspirations.. :) Excited to wander off and read more.. I'm Marilyn via

  14. This is so creative and festive! I've got to try this!

  15. So Cute! Thank you for sharing...

  16. Me again ;) May I ask how you got the cute edges around your photos? I really like them!

  17. Aw.. what a cute little project!
    I actually thought at first,"wow, how is that basket not breaking through the bottom from the weight?"
    The apples look so real,I am amazed!
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Gorgeous! I'm wondering where you found the basket. Thanks.

  19. This is such a cute and UNIQUE idea - I haven't seen much done with apples. I'm going to feature this post on my Favorite Finds Friday post :)

  20. I love your apple baskets. So cute and such an original idea for door decor. I would love for you to share this project on my Inspiration Board {link party}. I know my readers would really enjoy it. Thanks!
    carolyn - homework

  21. Ooo what a great idea! I love how it turned out and it's so refreshing compared to all the other fall decor I see. Great job!

  22. i love these baskets and i thought it would make a cute school school craft for, where did you get you apples?

  23. These are adorable! I'm loving those little signs too!! Your pictures are looking fabulous as always!!

  24. Apples are just cute by themselves but these!!!! adorable!!!! I think I would come up to your door & say hello if I were walking by :) No...I am not that nutso...but I would want to!!!!


  26. Love this. I have double doors as well and always trying to come up with something to fill the space. Great idea and great job.

  27. LOVE the apple basket! Can't wait to try that this summer/fall! I am so glad I found your site! I hope you can stop by and visit me as well (I am new to the blogging world - so maybe we can be blogging buddies!)

    nice to meet you!


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