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April 24, 2012

D.I.Y. Burlap Bags + Mason Jar Favors

Hey sweet friends!  
Ready for more tablescape fun?
Today I have a simple tutorial to make burlap bags to cover mason jars along with some wood circle tags.

I have seen photos of pretty flower arrangements wrapped in burlap and I loved the idea for little favors for my table.  But I imagined me wasting more burlap then necessary and got very sad. I remembered I still had some burlap garland lying around from another project and found it to be the perfect solution.

And it ended up being crazy easy!
Here is what you need to make these...

Burlap Garland (found in the wreath section of a craft store)
Mason jars (size optional)
Natural Wood Circle tags (Or buy those unfinished wooden tags like these)
glue gun
First, I laid a mason jar on the strip of burlap to size the bag.
Then I folded the burlap over until it was slightly higher then my jar and cut.
I did this for all of them at the same time and just used the first piece to measure the rest.
To make the bags, I went for my glue gun.  I actually glued both sides at the bottom first so I knew how to line up the sides. This stuff can shift on you pretty easy.
Like this.
Then I glued the rest of the way up on each side being careful that it adhered because it is so thinly woven. 

Trim the top to make it straight and cut loose fibers.
Now you have a bag!
I placed my mason jar inside all snug and cute!
Next...Wood Circle Tags.  
I made these from a branch from my yard during the fall and had a bunch left over.  I simply sawed off the circles and drilled holes in each one.  I used alphabet stamps for the names of each guest at my table.
(that's me!)
Using twine, I threaded the two ends through the backside of the tag to the front leaving a circle of twine in the back to put around my bag covered jar.
After slipping it over the top, I pulled the two pieces to tighten it and tied a bow.
You end up with really sweet and pretty favors. 
(I added tulips which are my favorite flower)

And of course, you can use the bags in other ways... 

Fill them with goodies and tie them off with ribbon, twine, a clothespin, or unique clip.  
Package a small, handmade gift. 
Make a longer bag to present a pretty bouquet of flowers. 
Wrap it around a candle or potted plant. 
Gift some organic, whole bean coffee or scented soaps.
May Day flower gifts

So many uses! 

Obviously, they are porous so use them wisely (like don't pour ground coffee in there...hahaha!) 
But I think they are so fabulously versatile.

  Pretty easy bags for a pretty presentation. 
What do you think?

Love and hugs to each and every one of you!


  1. Oh those are SO CUTE!! I love the little wooden tags with the names on them! Those little alphabet stamps are adorable...I think I remember you using them for your tablescape last year too?! I really need to purchase some!!

    Love the way they turned out & how darling the tulips look inside!! Well done Jess!

  2. This is so adorable! Love this so so much. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this good idea and beautiful creation!!!!And hugs to you!!!:)))

  4. i love these.Once again you have shown me just how creative you are.thanks-love dee

  5. Ohhhh I can so use this! Thank you! what a fab idea! Now, I need to warn you that I am posting tomorrow about a project I did that involved...crochet.I know! And I lived to blog about it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Oh my those are the cutest things ever. Love them. Great job.

  7. These are so cute!! How great!!! Looking forward to more.

    ♥ Ashley

  8. these are truly inspired. I love the use of the branch tags too, just lovely. Hugs

  9. how do you do it!!!! i mean really my friend you keep upping the bar with every single post! this creation is so perfect in it's simplicity! stunning with a touch of tulips and oh so you! each project you touch seems to just glow! i love this one and i can see tons of people using these beauties at weddings -- shower and so much more!!!! individually or in groups these are simply amazing and more applause and appaws is coming your way and of course tons of hugs!!!

  10. Oooooooo these are so cute!!! I LOVE the burst of bright flowers shooting out of the burlap! So darling, so you! & I am thinking great teacher gift :) A little something to brighten her desk! I have those lil stamps! What do you think the chances are of me actually getting around to it? hmmm... hope so!

    Headed to bed! It was a looooooong day :)

  11. that is ubber cute and looks so easy to make! thanks for sharing :)

  12. Very cool idea....found you via Sassy Penguin.

    Lucky 7 Design

  13. Oh i love these, they are adorable. Such a cute idea and wonderful tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

  14. these are adorblae. I love these.
    I am making burlap bags for coffee and not using beans, just ground coffee, do you have any suggestions on what to place the ground coffee in first before putting in the bags?

  15. Great, burlap is very useful for creative arts and you have given one of the example of that art, simply great.


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