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May 4, 2012

Instagram Love

Oh my word. I seriously wonder why I drag my feet to try new things.
Like my new crush on instagram. 
It was one of the first apps to be downloaded on my phone.  And then it just sat there.  Just chillling between the little Joann's app that I use to scan coupons and the ihandy level that I have never used but find incredibly awesome that my phone can be a level.  I mean, who knows when you need to hang a gallery wall on the fly? You just don't know.

But anyway.  Instagram.  I love that it can be personal, day to day stuff. I love photos.  I love capturing the normal moments that are really precious and easily forgotten.  Like eating ice cream, or flowers you just planted.  Just awesome.

And I know I hardly ever show pictures of me on my blog.  Probably because you come here to see crafts and not my goofy face.  But I do more me pics on Instagram.  My kids.  My life.

See?  It's like a more personal side of a blogger.  Pinterest is their tastes and interests,  a blog is like a specific niche.  Facebook is reconnecting.  Twitter is updates and funny stuff said. Instagram is daily life. All your social needs to get to know someone without laying eyes on that person in real life.

OK.  That made me a little sad.  I'm officially inviting you all over for coffee.

And then there is all the fun with Photo a Day challenges.  It is so stinkin' easy and takes like 5 minutes each day.  Just snap a pic matching the category, upload to Instagram, use a filter, add a hash tag so others can see your photo, and share it!  So fun! I heard about the one below at Fat Mum Slim from wonderfully sweet and funny Kellie from Nest of Posies.
I had no idea how fun this is!  If any of you are interested, you can find me here on Instagram. Or just search out twoshadesofpink. :)  I just got started.  I this WEEK just got started.  So if you have any tips for me I am ALL EARS!

To challenge myself, I think I'm going to photograph all my favorite craft supplies.  Is that weird? I just love looking a pretty photos of beautiful crafty bits.  Like who is not drawn in by the beauty of a pile of yarn, a jar of buttons, a stack of washi tape, or a row of bakers twine? Or maybe this is my own weirdness that I have just spewed out all over this blog post to the point of no return.

Either way, it will challenge me to photograph things purposefully, easily and of things I love.

So let me know if you are on Instagram!  I would love to get a peek in on you.  It will be such fun!


  1. Love seeing you be you.... :). I was going to do a post on streamzoo this week another app like instagram... But maybe I'll join this challenge it looks like fun...luv ya bunches....xo

  2. if you google it, there's one for each month. who knew!

  3. LOVE THIS!!!!!!! : ) what a HAPPY bunch you are! it is so cool seeing you! you are right -- you see every side of a person without ever meeting them in real time -- but on the flip side -- so many of us would NEVER have the opportunity to meet in real time so this is truly awesome!!!! all of your posts make me SMILE!!!!! i will talk with you next week -- missed you yesterday (bad timing : ) lol!!!! sending hugs and love to all!

  4. I really know nothing about Instagram but keep seeing it here and there. Now you've made me want to check it out! How do I share it? Is it worth it since I don't even have a facebook account anymore? I guess I could post on my blog like you did? Do you feel like "Dear Abby" right now with all my questions??? Fun Fun! I love your pics!!!

  5. hi Jessica, very very pretty blog. and Yes I agree with you ... as a blogger those are the things we need, pinterest, blog, facebook, twitter and instagram ... we are so on to the same things. cheers from singapore.


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