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May 9, 2012

Craft Room Feature: Raising Up Rubies Blog

All righty.  Be prepared to swoon.  This craft room is seriously my favorite craft room ever.  I'm currently working on my own but this one...THIS ONE...(sigh)!  I have seen a lot, pinned a lot, loved a lot.  But this one is so me, so perfect down to the itty bittiest little detail that I am over the moon smitten with it!

Miss Jaime from Raising Up Rubies DIYed this gorgeous room to complete brilliance. And I just love Jaime.  She just launched her new blog and she has tons of talent.  She was a contributor over at Seven Sisters but decided to go on her own and I am so excited to see what she has up her sleeve. If this craft room is any indication of what she has in store...we will NOT be disappointed.  I am already uber inspired by this room!
Um, this table was made from scratch.  
She can have crafty get togethers. For real.
 I think I'm coveting this table.
(I am amazed at how she did the bookshelf in the background there too)
And her sewing area is just amazing. 
This colorful and pretty thread storage is made from an old typesetting box.

The table was decoupaged with a dress pattern and a fabric measuring tape on the edge. 
The pretty, ruffled table skirt is made from a shower curtain.
All this storage is well thought out and so, so pretty too! 
{I especially love the vintage pillowcases in the birdcage.}

Please check out Jaime's full post on her gorgeous craft room.  There is so much more to this room but if I share it all, you won't get to meet the lovely Jaime. :) Her sweet blog is sure to be an absolute delight and I adore her beautiful style.  She has been blessed with so many creative gifts and I am excited to follow her and be inspired time and time again.

Thanks Jaime for being incredibly, wonderfully YOU!
{oh, and tell your hubby he is pretty amazing for all he did for this space too}

P.S.  If any of you dear, precious friends would like to pin this craft room, please pin it from Jaime's blog so it will link back to HER.  Thanks so much!


  1. totally totally love the printers tray/sewing thread idea x beautiful craft space x

  2. completely gorgeous - thanks so much for introducing us! xo

  3. Trying so hard not to be jealous of such a great craft room! Just found your blog and love it!

  4. Oh my, sooo beautiful! I ♥ the tiered metal holder for pens, markers, brushes etc!

  5. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! sending tons of hugs and love! so sorry -- i will talk with you this week for sure!!!! love you dearly!!!!

  6. I 'll have to go say hi to her! I can't believe all the details & ways she made this room so special! Me eyes had a great time peeking around!!!!


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