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May 17, 2012

Pretty Packaging: Tags & Clips

My packaging loving heart has been craving to make some pretty stuff.  I was hoping to have this post ready well before Mother's Day but as good plans always go...I am posting it now.

I have been working for a few weeks on my craft studio/homeschool room.  Cleaning and organizing has helped me find supplies that were crammed in the bottom of baskets and other nooks and crannies. It made it fun to take a crafty break and make some of these.
I used unfinished wood tags and bobby pins with other little paper scraps and random craft bits to make sweet little clips and tags.
I especially love glassine and paper bags for gifts and thought these bobby pins would make such cute and different ways to wrap them. Tiny buttons, crochet flowers and a pom pom glued to the end of each painted bobby pin make easy and pretty bag clips.
A little crochet flower with some distressed and painted bobby pins make a simple bag clip.  Wrap with some fun twine and you have a simple little bag closure.
Decoupage paper to the wood tags to pretty them up and glue a clothespin to it to hold your message.  It makes them reusable and adds a unique touch to a gift.
Use washi tape to add a cute flag or attach a  note. Glue a binder clip to one and make a mini clipboard! So many ideas for simple little tags! Attach a clothespin to the back to clip to a gift or bag too!
You can make them like little dry erase boards by laminating them or covering them with packaging tape before gluing them to the wooden tag.  You could do this with regular paper but I like that the wood keeps them from getting bent and will last longer.  Write a message with a dry erase pen and you have a reusable tag to pass along!
I love playing with pretty packaging.  Enjoy the ideas and hope to see you again soon!
Blessings my sweet friends!


  1. Oh my, how cute are these? Can't wait to replicate them. Trying to decide which is my favorite but I think I love them all! Kudos to you for organizing your school room NOW so the fall will be easier, kudos also for spending some of your precious time on crafting. It is so importNt to let your mind rest from academics & schedules long enough to recharge and re-create...a veteren myself, albeit some years have now passed...all my kids have graduated college already...

  2. very cute - what fun fresh colors! great pics too! xo

  3. OHHH.. Your Heart and My Heart are ONE.. I hope Brandon doesn't mind ;)

  4. OH BTY this is KEREN lol
    I forgot I was logged in as miss Carol!!

  5. They are so lovable! Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Beautiful! And I love the bobby pin idea, I always love it when the packaging itself is a bit of a gift as well<3

  7. That is so pretty! why not you work on Plastic Cards it would be a good option for you.

  8. i love these ideas ! blessings for you...Andrea from argentina


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