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June 15, 2012

Giveaway Winner + Some Life Stuff

Hey Friends!
Before I give you the winner of the 4th of July wreath giveaway, I have to apologize for being so late with this.

I actually just got back into town late last night after going up north for my grandmother's funeral.  I have to tell you, this was really tough.  I was very close to my "Mema" and I miss her terribly. Last week, she had taken a turn for the worse and I was trying to get up there to say goodbye. Sadly, I did not make it.  I am so grateful she died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 92.  She was the spunkiest, sweetest, little Italian lady you would ever meet.  She would have fed you, said you had gorgeous hair, and that you needed to lose a little weight. Ha!

She has 9 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. She was a treasure to all of us and I miss her so much.  But I know I will see her again in Glory!

I had the wonderful opportunity to share a letter at her funeral that I wrote the morning after she died.  In it, I tell her how much I love her and then reminisce of memories.  It gave me such peace and I feel like my grief has been lifted after writing that letter.

So know I wanted to get this earlier but just did not have the time.  So sorry!

And now for the winner...

It's Bonnie!  
Comment #45 who wrote...
"Love it! I would love to hang it on my front door to welcome friends and family."

Congratulations love!  
I have no way of contacting you so I hope you see this post! 
 Email me at twoshadesofpink at gmail dot com so I can get this wreath to you!

Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope to make another one in the next few months and do this again!
~ ~
Now I am off to pack for my anniversary getaway with my hubby!  
So excited!  
We celebrate 10 years tomorrow!
Remember this pic from last year's post?
I look so young and I can't believe 10 years has already gone by! 
If you follow me on instagram, I hope to post pics of our little getaway.  I have to confess...we have never, ever, since having kids, gone away alone.  Like on VACATION alone.  
I am beyond STOKED for this!  WOO HOOO!
OK.  That's it.
Love you scrumptiously sweet friends!  


  1. So sorry about the loss of your Grandma. Praying peace and comfort as you walk through this. On a lovely note, Happy Anniversary, and have a wonderful trip!

  2. Oh Jess . . . so sad to hear about Mema's passing. Big hugs my friend.

  3. Wow! How exciting! Just sent you an email!

  4. Jess I am so sorry that you lost your beloved Mema! I am sure you two blessed each other so much!!! Keep writing those memories down!

    God has a funny way of blessing us at just the right time! Your vacation sounds heavenly!!! I hope you guys enjoy every minute! I'll have to look you up on instagram :) and live through you because I can't imagine even one night without kids :). Enjoy!!!!

  5. oh my dear Jessica -- i am so sorry for being terribly out of touch -- life has been crazed at this end and i have been in another world and then i come here to say hi and i see this. my heart hurts for you -- it is so so hard to loose someone that is so very close but let me tell you -- your Memaw was given a gift to pass to the angels in her sleep...i don't think there is a greater blessing -- i truly do not -- she now flies with angels and will always be right on your shoulder watching out for you! she is a piece of you forever and a day -- she lives in your memories and you will pass her spirit and stories on to your girls and the cycle will continue -- you will meet again some day in the vast future -- but for now -- you carry her in your heart even though it is broken. take care my friend -- sending loving hugs and talk to you soon

  6. I adore your blog...we moved to Jax Fl after living in Rhode Island my whole life. You remind me a lot of me! I am a teacher for Duval County and use a lot of your ideas in my classroom! Much love and so so happy for your family!


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