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August 16, 2012

1st Day of School Photo Sign + Printable

Oh my sweet are you all doing? I am way shocked that it was been 2 months since I posted.  But you can't say I didn't warn you! I wanted to soak up my littles this summer and I did!  Still am, in fact.  We don't start school until September 4th!
But we have been having fun swimming, playing, eating ice cream, splashing in sprinklers, baking days, and lots of memory making.  Sigh.  The end of summer is so bittersweet. Both my girls will be in school so I may cry a lot and bury myself into crafting in my empty house. But I am excited to get back into crafting and living to blog about it.  So here is my first one to kind of get myself back on the grid in blog land:

A Chalkboard & Clipboard Photo Sign. 
Let me tell you.  It took me a solid 10 minutes just to figure out a name for this thing.  It has two fun functions.  On one side it is a chalkboard sign for the first day of school...
...On the other is a clipboard for a first day interview. I know a prettified clipboard is nothing new but I thought this was a fun twist.

And here is something way awesome about this little's totally cheap and totally easy. I think the cost of this came to $2 to make one of them(I had the other supplies on hand so it may cost more for some of you).  You will need:
1 clipboard ($1 from the Dollar Tree)
4 wood rulers from walmart (25¢ each)
chalkboard paint (I used the spray paint)
pretty cardstock (wrapping paper, wallpaper remnants, etc)
Spray Adhesive
E6000 glue or hot glue
hack saw or other saw
Paint the back of your clipboard with chalkboard paint and let it completely dry.
Trace your clipboard shape on a piece of card stock and cut out.
{I really wanted to use this wrapping paper but it ended up too thin. I found scrapbook paper that was similar.  So if you were wondering why it's not pictured in the final photos...well there ya go.}
 Cut out a notch so the paper will go around the clip part of your clipboard.
Now you can glue the card stock/paper to the front of your clipboard with spray adhesive and let dry.
The clipboard I bought at the dollar store were exactly 12 inches in length...perfect for the rulers I purchased.  So be sure to measure your clipboard first. Some are longer. I chose the dollar store clipboards because they did not have such a large clip so it will be hidden when using the chalkboard side for photos.  I used 2 full length rulers and then cut the other two for the short sides.
I used hubby's hack saw to cut these.  I just measured the length I needed and sawed away. I won't give you measurements since they may be different for you depending upon your clipboard and rulers.
File down any rough edges and glue onto the sides of the chalkboard.
Now you have a cute chalkboard frame on one side and a handy clipboard on the back for your first day of school interview.
Click here to download
(click the original size to print)

Click here to download
(click the original size to print)

I also thought it would be fun to do this on the LAST day of school to to see how my girl's change physically and to see what their answers are at the end of the year as the prepare for SUMMER again.

Hope you enjoy and I am so excited to reconnect with so many of you!  I have missed you so!


P.S.  Amy at Positively Splendid has some adorable First Day of School printables as well. Go check them out on her beyond fabulous blog!


  1. This is great! What a great idea! Do you homeschool your girls? I forget... :-)

    1. Kind of. :) They both go to a small christian school (grades pre-k to 8th grade) that is set up where they go 3 days a week and the parents home school two days a week. We love it! A great community and I get to to have my girls home with me a few days a week. :) And thanks for the comment love my sweet Jill! It has been awhile since I posted and I was nervous no one would post a comment. :)

  2. Absolutely ADORE this!! I've already loved it on FB too! Need to get some rulers and get going on it...LOVE the rulers...this is SO darling!! ;)

  3. yipeeeeeeeee!!!! you're back! we missed ya girl :) ♥ love ya sweet friend

  4. sooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to see you sweetie and as always you brought us something awesome!!!! loving the rulers!!!! sending hugs to you all! : )

  5. I love it! We're both on the blogging bandwagon again. :)

  6. What a great craft!!! I love the idea of the interview, too. And I'll be praying for you as you transition to both in school. I'm doing the same thing this year. I'd be sad except for the fact that Miss M's so darn excited about the whole thing. She wants to ride the school bus, and today as we passed some apartments near her preschool, she informed us that was where she'd be living. "Uh... you don't have to move out and find your own transportation at 2 yrs old, kiddo." So, I guess she's ready. Now are we mommas ready? Can't wait to see your ideas back in blog land and give you props for taking a much needed summer break. Love you!

  7. Cute crafts! I'm glad you have had such a wonderful summer with the kiddos. Good to have you back blogging soon. I've missed your beautiful posts.

  8. You're the bomb, girl! I never use that phrase, but it just felt right. :) Love it!!!

  9. This is adorable! Since I'm a teacher, I would use this as fun decoration for my classroom. I wish it wasn't so hard to find plain wooden rulers in Canada!

    Visiting from your shout out on The Cottage Market!

  10. Ahhhh! your papers just make me happy! SOOOO cute! I love the dual purpose! I never can believe how you just think up these things!!!! I bet Annie's teacher would LOVE one! DOn't think she'll get it the first day since we leave for the cabin tomorrow ....but soon! Gotta make one soon!!!!! (Can hardly wait to go shopping for the perfect paper!)

  11. Absolutely love this project! Malia


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