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December 12, 2013

Christmas Packaging Ideas

So are any of you like DOWN TO THE WIRE on getting all your Christmas stuff done? Whew...I still have loads to do.  But I wanted to take a quick sec to pop in and show you some fun packaging ideas for the holidays and even for the everyday. I shared some of these over at According to Kelly a few weeks back but wanted to give you a peek here too.  Some of these are archived from a few years back but the one above is new. :) Those pom poms will also be goodies that will be available in my shop if I ever get it open.

I am big time crushing on the Felt and Yarn for the colorful packaging above.  I will pretty much pom pom anything so putting a bunch of jumbo ones on a box and throwing some washi tape on there for a little something extra (and perfect for a sweet, merry message) was a must. :) I had such fun making these colorful and cozy packages using simple techniques like tying off a box with yarn and making a felt flower garland with a little flag taped on with washi tape.  
The above packaging is a Red and Aqua theme I did a few years ago. I created whimsical elements here like a lollipop using twine and a lollipop stick. I also glued flattened cupcake liners to make giant polka dots, made a pocket package with extra paper and lined the edge with ribbon. I played around making loopy yarn flowers with a pretty button and created cracker styled packages with shredded paper filler and pom poms for embellishment. 
Pom Pom Washi Tags
Glue a lollipop stick to a pom pom and add some washi tape to make whimsical tags for your packages.  Here, I used coordinating colored paint chips to create pockets for the gifts.

Red and White Peppermint Elements
Here I used wrapping and tissue paper to decoupage a button, a wood bead and to wrap around a wooden spool.  I also made the cute little gift bag with silver grommets and put paper doilies as the filler. Or add a little lace flag to a toothpicks with a little bead glued on top.  Probably some of my favorite packaging. :)

Hope you enjoyed these packaging ideas and came away a little bit inspired today.


  1. Amazing! The second lot of photos are my favourite.. but they all look so lovely!

    Leeannelle | Fashion and Beauty


  2. AMAZING! You are ah-ma-zing! I just tweeted, "I big puffy heart this blog!" And I do!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! ♥

  4. These are adorable! Love your style.

    1. Such sweet words Rachel! Thank you so, so much! xoxo

  5. Love it all! My favorite is the grouping where you used the paint samples. I LOVE how you created that pocket to stick that pom pom on a stick. The pockets in general... the one in the aqua and red themed packing is one of my all time favorites. I still remember that one but am so glad you showed us again. I may try to do that one with some of my packaging this year! So original and amazing! As always.

  6. EEEESH!!!!! I did not realize that I didn't comment on this incredibly GORGEOUS selection of wrapping wonderment!!!! Oh do you do it...each and everything you create is filled with love...creativity...and heart. You sure do have an imagination that exceeds the stars! This post just makes me happy looking at how pretty things can be! You are truly amazing!!! Sending tons and tons of hugs and love your way!!!!

  7. oy, I just ADORE these... I've had this page pinned forever and always come back when I am wrapping gifts. :) So THANK YOU! I do have a question that I've never thought to ask before: the final grouping... the bottom left photograph ... is that a flower type of thing that you made from cupcake liners? Or did I miss something? :) Thank you!


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