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February 10, 2014

"Shot Through The Heart" Rice Krispie Treats

As Valentine's Day approaches I have been having some fun with little craft ideas specifically centered around my kiddos.  My hubby and I definitely love the romantic thing but having little ones, we make Love Day a family affair. So these little treats are sure to delight any kid who receives them.

These arrow heart treats are super simple.  Start off by making any basic Rice Krispie Treat recipe (its on the box). ;)  As they are cooling in the pan, cut out heart shapes using a heart shaped cookie cutter.  I find the metal ones make it much easier to do.

When your treats are completely cooled, slide a 6 inch bamboo skewer diagonally through each heart.  You will create the arrows after putting the skewers through each treat.
I used two paper punches for my arrows but you can cut out the shapes with scissors just as easily.  The point is a triangle shape and the fletching (yeah...I had to look that up.  I would have called it the feather thingy) is a ribbon shape.
Obviously the arrow part is just a simple triangle.  Cut and you are done.  Put a dab of hot glue on the pointy end of your skewer and press.
For the fletching, feather thingy...Cut out your ribbon shape and fold in half  with the open side facing up. Cut at an angle (like the red arrow shown).  Open up and hot glue the patterned side of the paper and glue with the sides folded up a bit.


Serve with some yummy milk (topped with some sprinkles) and you are all set for a love day snack!


  1. I love these and would have called them the feather thingy too!

    You can find me blogging about "Life on the Parsons Farm" and our adoption story :

  2. these are such a cute idea! I think I might do this! thanks for sharing.

  3. Its so fun how special treats can make lil eyes light up & spread joy! That's what these do for sure! My kiddos would love them! Do you know....I have only made rice krispie bars once since II have had kids! So sad! I'll have to make them some of's due time :)


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