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December 27, 2009

Highlights from my Christmas Week

Well I must say that this past week has culminated into a level of exhaustion I did not know possible. Are any of you just down and out tired? Yet this baffles me since we did not travel (which we usually do every year) and we just kind of hung out with our friends. But there was gift buying, wrapping, and giving, last minute shopping, baking, cooking, entertaining, cleaning, etc. And I find myself wasted yet incredibly blessed to have this time. But let me recap the most memorable moments of the last week. I will include some creative, crafty things along with family stuff. All made for a fabulous week leading up to Christmas. With funny moments too...

Annual Christmas Glee with BFF & Family

BFF and I get together each year with our families and celebrate Christmas with dinner, gifts, and goodies. We did this last Saturday. This year we did a dessert fondue while watching Elf and it was so fun. Any of you who can quote at least 3 lines from that movie will receive a Christmasgram from me next year. :)

BFF and family with our girls

The kiddos cute, right?

Fondue it up. My kids are so retro cultured.

I got this fun little bag for BFF and she seemed to dig it.

BFF's boys and my girls

BFF Ring

Now most of you know I refer to Kelly as BFF. Because she is soooo my BFF that just her name won't do. We have this weird, co-dependent, mutually in-like with each other relationship where we are one another's biggest fan. It looks weird to people on the outside of this glorious union but we don't care. On the 23rd, we met a 6 am to do last minute shopping equipped with coffee and sans the kiddos. It was like heaven on earth. While shopping we stumbled across these fun rings and decided to purchase identical ones to signify our (questionably normal) devotion to one another. Our husbands just stare at us like we are the freaks we are when we tell them the stuff we do. Last year, BFF purchased matching heart tube socks for us at Valentine's Day. We have yet to wear them in public but us gifting this kind of stuff to each other just cracks us up. We are the only ones who think we are funny but that is what makes us special. Really special.

Cute ring, though. I love it.
But I am alarmed that this picture gives me the appearance of man hands. Look at my knuckles!
I'll tell you a secret, though. Sometimes, when no one is looking, we join our rings together and cry out, "BFF POWER...ACTIVATE!!!!" Lightening crackles. The power blinks on and off. Dogs howl in the distance. It's exciting.

Sack Lunches for Pinellas Hope

On Christmas Eve, my Lifegroup at church (Small group, Sunday school class) made over 300 sack lunches for the homeless. What a wonderful collaborative effort and something so terrific to involve our kids and teach them about the love of Christ at Christmas.

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve night with friends packed with a great lasagna dinner (and a salad my friend made that was so good I miss it now that it is gone), cookie decorating and gift exchange. Fun, fun.

Family pic after church

Our fabulous friends who celebrated Christmas Eve with us.

Cute little place cards I made for dinner with our friends. Glitter birds on almost dead branches of mistletoe. This is called..."Use What You Have" entertaining.

The gift I made for my friends. It is a fabric wrapped "P" since their last name begins with "P." They were excited because my friend James said he always wanted a giant P so he could walk in the house and say, "Awwww....someone P'd on the wall." I really have weird friends.

The Joy of Christmas Morning

So sweet...girls paying with new doll house. Buuuuut... was lacking the rest of the day. Clothing was also optional.

Just thought I'd share in this past week's crafty, Christmasy, friend and family goodness. Hope you enjoy the update.


  1. I so, so, SO love that you did the homeless lunches with your Lifegroup. You wouldn't happen to go to Life church would you?

    Loved all the pictures, but I must say, the joy lacking, clothing optional was by far my fave. Reminds me of home.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. your girls are so gorgeous! three quotes from elf!!??
    "buddy the elf, whats your favorite color?"
    "santaaaaa!!!!!! i know him! i know him!"
    "ewww syrup in coffee, why didn't i think of that?!?!"
    haha what a great movie! between that and home alone reruns, what would i do between shopping and the christmas eve service :)

    jenna from memphis
    stop animal cruelty!

  3. great blog, found you from shabby blogs. Everyone needs a BFF!

  4. and how could you not mention our visit after Christmas where your children drew all over our wii fit board with "permanent" marker? Isn't that a memorable moment? Or when you laughed at my son in his pajamas that were clearly from when he was two years old, or maybe trying to force feed my daughter a dessert that was clearly for adult tastebuds, or maybe....

    Just sayin...
    I love you so much~

  5. Best Christmas Eve ever! Thanks guys!

  6. I just found your blog, and you are the cutest thing ever!
    Me and my best friend are EXACTLY like this! We love each other in a really awesome weird everyone else is jealous sorta way. :]

    Hope you're having a good day. :]

  7. I found your blog through "Shabby Blogs" and would love to know how you made the "P" for your friends for Christmas! It was super cute!


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