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December 15, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

OK. I said I was going to do holiday, festive like tips until after Christmas. I said it. I meant it.

And I am totally reneging on it because I am just plain weary.

I have been sick since Thanksgiving, my brain is fried and I am trying to have some joy here. So in order to do that I am unable to do my tips on pretty tablescapes and other festive stuff. Maybe next year. Will you forgive me?

Fabulous. Here we go...

Tip #1: Filling a Ziplock Bag

I must say that this one may be obvious to some of you but when I discovered this, I thought I was an absolute genius! Maybe the last person on earth to grasp this concept but I felt smart.

And obviously I felt the largest photo possible was a necessity as well.

Anyway. I discovered that if I put a ziplock bag over a glass or a bowl (depending on the size bag I am using) it is easier to fill and it stands up by itself. Just put it over the glass/bowl like you would a trash bag over a wastebasket. Wa la! Easy fill. Great for:
  • Icing your cupcakes or cookies
  • Cutting fruits and veggies and popping them in the bag really quick
  • Pouring marinades, breadcrumb mixtures, or dough recipes (like friendship bread)
Tip #2: Toy Swap

BFF and I have taken to swapping toys, DVDs, whatever. It makes sense. We really did not pay attention to our brilliance at first because we are both first and We traded DVDs and small baby toys since her oldest is 18 months older than my Cati. Ella and her youngest are 4 months apart. So we actually have cycled some stuff twice. And what makes it work is that the kids get excited to have something new and it costs us ZERO DOLLARS. NOTHING!!!

See this toy monstrosity? Which costs 80 buckaroonies in the store? Well, my kiddos thought this thing was a blast when at Aunt Kelly's house (BFF) and so we swapped. Her boys loved the toy I gave her (drawing a total blank on what it was) and my girls love this. Best part? When I am sick of looking at, hearing, tripping over, and moving this thing and I can give it back.

So this Christmas when the kids have played out all their goodies...get some mommy friends together and start swapping.

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. Both of these ideas are awesome! I wish I had thought of the Ziplock bag thingy. It does seem pretty logical.

  2. Great tips as always! I would love a Christmas card from your family:) Our address is Emily Quesenberry 2279 Grovewood Road. Clearwater. 33764 :)


  4. That totally seems like something we should all know about! but...I'm like you and this is the first time I've ever even thought to put a ziploc over a cup! Thanks! I have to make 36 cupcakes for preschool on I can fill the icing bag faster!

  5. Do I even need to comment? Just hand over the fisher price house and everything will be fine!

  6. that house is soooo cute!

    p.s. I love your blog! Have a merry Christmas :)


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