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December 29, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip #1: Clean Your Microwave with H2O

I have seen this a number of times with different ways to do it. The funniest account was by Angela Cottrell (Travis Cottrell's wife) here. I suppose it all depends upon your microwave but the one thing I love about this is how well it works! I never have to scrub my microwave anymore although I am ashamed to admit how infrequently I clean it.

Just pop a microwave safe bowl in your microwave for about 4-6 minutes. The steam from the boiling water will soften all the icky, hard stuff in there and you can wipe it out. No chemicals from cleaner needed. NO SCRUBBING while contorting yourself into positions not intended for the human form. I have also heard you can add vinegar but the smell from the coffee maker when I clean it with vinegar keeps me at bay. Lemon juice added to the water is also another option.

Tip #2: Cleaning Those Icky Straps on a High C
hair or Booster Seat

I am kinda anti-high chair because I have a fear of all the food particles that would get under those cushy seats and into nooks and crannies that I never understood the purpose of. (I so ended that sentence on a preposition but do any of you care as much as I do? It will be growth for me just to leave it.) Instead, I started using booster seats that come with the little tray. Love them, easy to wipe down, and I can see where all the crumbs and food pieces go. But those straps. Ewwwwww!

My mom used the same kind of chair for my nephews and she would soak the straps in a bowl with bleach. I am not someone who should handle bleach around anything. My clothing, carpet, shoes, whatever would get splattered. I am just too klutzy. Plus, one not so bright moment remains in infamy around here. I forgot and left canvas chair covers for some outdoor lounge chairs soaking in bleach once and when I came back it was full of holes. Bleach and me...we ain't tight.

So instead, I use the Oxy clean powder. Smells much better. Just fill a small bowl with super hot water, put about a tablespoon or two in the water and soak the straps to get all the grime off. I use a tooth brush to scrub the straps and they end up so clean. Simple!

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!


  1. hey! i have a two year old and a five month old. love the tip with the straps!! that will work much better than my wipe down method!
    keep them coming:)

  2. Love these tips! I can totally use these tips like today.

  3. Love it! im am one of those who bends into shapes i didnt know i could trying to clean the grime, thanks for the tip!

  4. after 5 children how did I not know the high chair strap cleaning tip????

  5. the strap tip is genius! but sadly, i already cut the straps out of our highchair because they were dis-gus-ting!

  6. Love the tip about the microwave! I am so gonna try that today.
    For the high chair straps, I actually just take the straps off and run them through the dishwasher and they come out amazingly clean! (Pretty easy, just have to fold the tab in on the strap and pull it firmly through the slot in the chair)

  7. Im glad I came across this. I was looking at those straps tonight thinking....ewwww. So its 10:30 and I should be in bed but Im soaking my daughters straps....a mothers work is never done.


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