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December 22, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip#1: Zip Up Your Cereal

I am so tickled that I felt a visual was needed on this tip. But once again, I am like the last person on earth to grasp such a simplistic concept of opening a fresh box of cereal pouring it into a zip tight bag, and ensuring its freshness. But I can be rather lazy about cereal. I will rip open the inner bag with reckless abandon and tear the thing from top to bottom. Or I will carefully use scissors but make the opening huge and when I pour it, half the box goes in the bowl. You, know as I type this I realize I am illustrating myself to be a complete moron. But I really think it has more to do with impatience and a lack of breakfast fare discipline.
I also could buy a plastic, Tupperware container but then I have to clean it (lazy) and I have to go buy it (cheap). Oh, another other thing I do is leave a cereal box with the top open on the counter for like, the whole day since it is a non-perishable. However, it is not non-staleable. And I often serve my poor children, teeth chipping, tasteless, dry good gruel where its only hope is to use the softening magic of milk.

So in a nutshell...Tip: Put cereal in a sealable bag inside the box. Here is a picture in case you are like me and often miss the obvious in the midst of a chaotic, daily life...

Do you like how I artistically displayed the empty bag the cereal initially came in? Does this clarify it better for you? Since apparently I felt the need to show you that once the zip tight bag is filled the other one is empty and a photo grouping was mandatory for a simple visual.

Annnnnnnd here's the top visual to show you the bag inside the box.

You may find it easier to insert the bag inside the box first as you pour the cereal in the bag to reduce crushing the delicate nuggets of cereal...(okay, laughing my patootie off as I type). I am hoping you know I have been facetious about the "how to of bagging cereal."

Tip #2: Wallies Chalk Board

I discovered this little find at Home Goods the other week and nearly squealed with delight since it was something I was specifically looking for. I had found this same kind of thing in another store for around $50 or $60 and I thought that price was way too much for a sticky backed chalk board for Cati's room.

Then I came across this at Home Goods for $16.99. Much more in my price range! So I decided to go online to the Wallies website and it is even cheaper online at $12.99 last I checked ( but probably not with shipping).

It is so perfect for Cati's room since we rent and I really don't want to paint one wall with chalkboard paint only to re-do it when we leave. I also believe if I got a hold of chalk board paint I would paint every conceivable surface with it because labeling is like an obsessive hobby for me and how cute would that be throughout my home decor? Okay, yeah. It would cease to be cute if everything became a chalkboard but I still feel like this is entirely too much of a temptation for me to overcome.
You can check out this cute Wallies chalk board here.


  1. Duh, on the cereal tip. I am terrible about opening cereal. Terrible. Greg will even tell you. The last box of cheerios I opened was horrific. I'm not really a cereal person either so I don't give the box the respect it deserves.

  2. First and foremost I just want to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! And secondly, I couldn't help but think of this cute little house and tree chalkboard set (that I know I would have on my child's wall, if only HE were a SHE), sold at, while reading this post. They also have chalkboard sheets (sold in sets of two) for $9.99.


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