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January 6, 2010

Friends, I Need Decor Assistance

Oh. My. Word. I stress over the most non-emergency things.

Let me start from the beginning before I launch into the reasoning of why I need your help.

I am what you would call a non-conformist. I'm like Phoebe on Friends where she was anti- Pottery Barn because everyone's homes looked the same and they copied off of actual antiques and mass produced their stuff. Is anyone with me remembering this episode? Yet I was ALSO her when she joined the dark side of all things PB because she coveted a lamp that totally went with the stuff Rachel had already smuggled in from PB and lied about it.

Can you tell I have not had cable in almost 3 years, never watch TV, and quote from episodes of a TV series that ended like 6 years ago?

I digress. Because I really need to.

But sadly, I do not have a Pottery Barn budget. I have a "please send me a check so I can buy stuff" kind of budget. And alas, Christmas came and that very budget became a reality. Now please understand that I always have intentions to show restraint. But I am a retail girl and I am drawn to sales, deals, and all things cute like a moth to it proverbial flame.

Well, I have been itchin to go to IKEA.

And everyone seems to have a crush on IKEA. So the non-conformist in me rebels. Plus, I go for more of a cottagy, shabby, rustic like look. So I went thinking I would get a bookcase or two to satisfy this annual, New Year purge urge I tend to manifest when I try to get organized. Out with the old and in with the new, I say. And I assumed IKEA was pretty contemporary and modern which is not really me. So I figured some cute things for storage was all this visit required. But as I entered those doors it was like a homing device had suddenly been activated in my brain and I was drawn with an intense desire for whatever I laid my eyes upon. I began piling things in the cart or on my children while serving up lollipops to quiet them in my decor frenzy.

How much fun is that store?

I got a gazillion things and ideas kept forming and one was to have a collage of frames over my couch. I know. Eeeeeeveryone does it. BFF did a great job with it on her stairs and I always admired it. So I sold out. Sue me.

We are in the process of doing it tonight. Please do not look closely at ugly, unidentifiable color of paint. As renters, we have little options and are hoping to convince property managers to let us paint whole house in a nicer color. Oh, and incidentally, those 2 pics of the girls on the left are the products of the heinous picture taking adventure I shared with you. Not bad, right?

Anyhoo, I decided to do the whole black and white unifying thing over the couch. I also hit Kohl's the other week because I had some free money to spend and I wisely chose a waffle maker to enhance my attempt at a diet to whittle down my recent and immense caloric intake. While buying the hip expander, I came across some frames on clearance that would work with this collage idea I had...

I like that it says "Family" and I got it for $3.99! It was originally $19.99. Gotta love a deal. And yes, that is the picture it came with. A work in progress, people.

This one was a $1.99. Yippee! It had some smudges on it that I knew I could just wipe off. But then I had a moment that lacked clarity. Actually, it was sheer stupidity to be honest. I went to go wipe the smudge and thought, why don't I use this here Magic Eraser. It works on anything. I'll just do it really lightly.

No, no temporarily simple minded girl. Magic Eraser can erase entire objects. STOOOOP!

Nonsense. I shall pursue my foolery...

And did this.

Dang it!

I tore the canvas part of the frame with the wet magic eraser. IDIOT! I am sooooo glad I paid 2 bucks for this. Because as stupid as this move was, paying full price for it would add insult to injury.

But I really like it. What do I do? Can I fix it? This will bug me immensely if I leave it. I am rather detail oriented like that. Clearly, since this is a long, detailed post over nothing but a dumb thing I did.

Can I embellish it somehow? I mean, BFF came over today and we laughed over putting a random button or something on it. Not an option. I don't want it to look cheesy and teenagerish. I just want it to look nice with all the other frames. A big ole' flower? Paint it? What on earth can you do here?

Any suggestions?


  1. RETURN IT! I'd just say that you didn't notice the "flaw" and swap it out for another one. Yes, a little dishonest but...I guess that's just how I roll. Love the collage frame from Ikea!

  2. I'm still stuck on the fact that you said "anyhoo".

  3. First off I love Ikea as well. I just went and my husband had to practically drag me out of the store!

    I would try to work on the frame, you could try some white paint over that spot. Or if that doesn't work what about covering it with some cute fabric? I know you make such cute things from fabric and felt, maybe that would work? Good Luck!!

  4. I love this post! I can hear myself in every step from trying to rebel to going mad in IKEA to hastily cleaning something into ruin. You could always put little cleaning holes all over to create uniformity and the shabby look, LOL :)

  5. I'm all for covering it with fabric. I could never return it, but I feel your angst over it! If you really want to keep the lettering you could copy it before you cover it, use freezer paper stencils to recreate it and paint it or applique it onto your new fabric background. You will spend so much time and energy, you will feel crazy and mad at the whole effort for 1.99 frame BUT, when you are done, A-h-h-h! Good luck. Let us know how it all turns out.

  6. Hi, so I've never read your blog before and being new at blogging, I thought I would comment. First, I absolutely love the Friends episode ref, I mean, I totally hear you. It's addicting once you walk in IKEA isn't it!!! Ok, so a thought, maybe you could paint like pink spots on the make it a little girly and have it pop...who knows, your friends had great ideas too, just a thought. Good luck, can't wait to see the finished product, whatever you decide.

  7. I'm with Heather K on this one. It was my first thought too. Make lots of "cleaning" holes and go for the distressed look!

    So, when are you taking me to IKEA again? Let me know when you're ready to spend someone else's money. Oh, and it should probably be before 1/19 when I begin the Financial Peace University classes and become the epitomy of financial restraint... just sayin'

  8. she wears flowers has a similar idea to what I was thinking. If the Magic Eraser really does clean the whole thing off, just go with it! M.E. the whole thing off and paint it whatever you want. Stencil your own letters on, etc.

  9. I would say either continue with the distressing or put fabric over it. Since it is in the middle of the D, why not make a smaller D out of fabric and center it inside of the bigger one so it looks like it was supposed to be that way. Maybe do that inside of the top of the F and e as well. Good Luck

  10. You guys have the best ideas! I have to admit I am looking for the least amount of work so my first attempt will be paint. Those of you who told me to keep distressing made me laugh! Too funny. I will let you know what happens!

  11. I am so smitten with your blog! It's beautiful! I look at the empty space over our couch EVERY DAY and think that I would love to do a picture frame collage. Those darn Magic Eraser markers will always take too much off my wall at times. I say distress it! How cool!


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