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January 5, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip #1: Twice the Hostess Gift: Keep the Plate!

When I turned 30 (a number of years ago), my sweet hubby threw a little surprise party for me (love that man). To help him out, a lot of my friends brought a dish of food. One of my friends brought two plates of hors d' oeuvres on these adorable square plates and the plates were the gift!

Is this GENIUS or what?

I love and treasure these plates and practically use them at every party I have. They are so happy and they make me smile. I always thought this was such a great idea as a hostess gift. I have never done it but I used this plate the other day and it reminded me to do it.

I'm a-goin' plate huntin'! (I will let you know what I find!)

#2: New Home Gift: Photo Album of Homes

When my husband and I first married, we rented this adorable 1 bedroom cottage that belonged somewhere in the Carolina mountains. It was so thoughtfully done with these unique niches and shelves, storage galore, skylights, with soaring ceilings and a loft. Our landlady was a widow who lived next door and she is just precious as can be! Spunky too! And one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received was this little photo album from her. It stands up and the front says "Our Homes" on the picture of a front door. She included a picture of our house in the snow which now makes me cry because we don't see snow in sunny old Florida. Plus, that house holds memories of sweet beginnings.

I miss this sweet old house. It was our landlady's first home which her husband built. Her son and family lived in it too before they built a bigger house. I think it is so wonderful to have shared in this heritage with her!

Our little apartment when we moved to Florida.

I have yet to put a pic of our current house. I mean we have only lived in this place 6 years. I'll get around to it!

Anyway, I thought this was a lovely, thoughtful idea for someone who just moved or bought a house to give as a housewarming gift.
I spotted a cute one at IKEA. Check it out here.

Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Wonderful ideas ... as always! I do the plate thing and love when it's done to me ... for me ... at me. You get the idea.

  2. you have a new follower!i found your blog in shabby blogs! Such a pretty blog you have! my family and i are moving to the N Carolina to a small small town called saluda :)have you heard of it?? i live in s cali right now so i guess i better get used to that snow i see in that picture!!!

  3. I always do the plate thing. I look around when I am out shopping for interesting plates! Love your tips!


  4. So why didn't you leave the plate at my house? Haha. Love the ideas as usual.

  5. Love it. This has me desperately trying to think of someone who I could do this for. But I'm stumped. I hope I can remember this one. The plate idea is genious! How fun. :)

  6. Hi Jessica,
    New follower here...I'm in MS and have a similar life story. Our family resembles yours in that we have one adopted daughter and one biological. God amazed us with our 2nd girl while in the midst of a 2nd adoption. So glad to have found your blog..will be following closely. And by the way, I've done the plate thing nice!

  7. I must say that I sheepishly giggle at the fact that the plate tip was clearly only a tip for moi {thanks, Mindy for being on the same page as me &, cuz it is MY plate :)} and most of you already knew about this. So either I often arrive empty handed to a party orrrrrrrr I am a plate hoarder. Or hang out with other plate hoarders. Love all your comments! You all are the best!

  8. I learned the plate thing from a friend years ago who always picked up individual pieces of china at thrift or antique stores for the purpose of hostess gifts when she took a dish.
    Jenn N

  9. Love these ideas and the plate thing was new to me, too! How did the "gift-er" let you know the plate was a gift as well?

    And, thanks for the IKEA link--I instantly needed to know where I could fine one of those albums. Love it!

  10. Well, darn it, that plate idea is cute! Now who wants to invite me to a party so I can use it? ;)

  11. I love the two tips tuesday and I'm thinking about implementing a similar idea of my blog,

    But I want to give you the proper credit/link back. Do you have a button or something so I can link to you every Tuesday!?


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