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January 24, 2010

Trend Setter

Do you or did you ever carry around a dog in your bag?

We used to have a cute maltese puppy and I used to love carrying him around. He was only 7 pounds!  I really wanted a cute handbag to carry him around in but when this became so trendy  I never did it.  Call me a rebel. Again.

But we no longer have furry babies.  We have people babies.  So here is a question...

What if this became the new trend?

That would be straight up weird, right?

I picked up this cute beach bag today because my current one possibly could fit a small European car in it.  Way too large.  I think I bring enough towels and water bottles to the beach for a small nation.  It was time to downsize.


Yet the fact that I can fit my youngest daughter in it should make you ponder the size of my ginormous one.
And look at her adorable self peeking out over it!

Just don't look at my un-showered, un-brushed hair and un-photogenic self.

OK. So my oldest fits in it. 
Maybe this one is too big too.  But the bag is still so cute, right?  


  1. Oh my that is adorable...yes your bag is lovely but your children are the sweet stars. Have fun at the beach...

  2. What a cute post! The girls are adorable and the bag is obviously strong since you can "carry" your youngest in it. BTW, we are going to miss you in Bible study, but Growing Kids Gods Way IS AWESOME! Some of their lessons are tough, but overall it really works! Take care and enjoy!

  3. OK, This has got to be the best post I have ever seen. It is 6:20 am and school just got a 2 hr delay. I am so burnt out on winter!!!! So... I have time so, I check the blog and low and behold you made my day with these pics. I am lol W/tears. It is kinda silly to carry a dog around, God did give them 4 feet. Haven't are back endured enough carrying Kids. :D?
    Have a wonderful Blessed Week. Thanks for the laughter so bright and early!

  4. its an awesome bag!!! why not send a trend lol =) gorgeous daughters u have

  5. Since you've already admitted to being a rebel.... I should DARE you to take her out like that. How funny yet risky that would be.

    Of course I'm kidding. I know, not safe and a guaranteed phone call to DCF from horrified onlookers.

    But still, SUCH a funny thought! And an adorable bag.

    And adorable kids.

    I must stop...

  6. i love ginormous bags lol!! that first picture with your baby is tooo sweet!
    she is giving a look like what the heck is going on! lol

  7. The bag is awesome, and so is your blog!I'm sooo glad I stumbled on it today, Just the thought of a trip to the beach warms my day here in the frozen North :)


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