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January 7, 2010

International De-lurker Week?


Now this puts me in a quandary. First of all, I was perplexed by this because I had no idea what it was. International De-lurker Week? Being new to the bloggy world and following, I am still a tad rough around the edges regarding etiquette, lingo, and overall being "Blog Seasoned."
But for those of you who are still riding training wheels with me, I have discovered that this is a week for lurkers (people who read and do not comment on blogs) to come out and show all! You know. Leave a comment. Become a follower. Etc.

But I have a question...
Isn't it just nice for some people to maintain a bit of anonymity? I mean, I looooooove comments and get giddy when a new friend decides to follow my blog. But what about those who just want to keep their distance? Because I think we can all lurk a blog every once in awhile.

Can I get an Amen?


Do I hear crickets?

And to be honest, I personally never want to force a comment. From myself or someone else to me. It should be genuine and encouraging.

Yet I actually am digging this de-lurking business since it lets bloggers know who reads their posts and appreciates their writing. I have discovered a number of blogs that are incredible by just clicking on someone's link when they follow or comment.

Speaking of which , I have clicked on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR BLOGS ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS! You people are talented and I am in awe of so many of you! A few of my favorites have just a few followers yet they ooze with creativity, fresh writing, and incredible info. Amazing.

So in light of this, I am not asking any of you to come out of your lurking closet if you do not want to. But I am wanting to say a ginormous THANK YOU for those of you who do take the time to read my blog, leave me a friendly comment, and visit often. I can not tell you what this has meant to me since I have prayed so much for this blog to be a place where I can let down my hair, be transparent about my nutty life as a Christian, a frazzled mom, a challenged decorator, an amateur crafter, whatever. Ya'll have come along for the ride with incredible encouragement and words that have literally changed the course of my day or given me joy where I was lacking.

And I will confess something I feel silly about. But if I put it out there, I know I will feel better and see it for what it big deal. Ever since I reached 100 followers, I was excited but felt no need to do anything celebratory. Is that odd? Not a give away, a little celebration...nothing. I don't know why. Yet I think it is so cute when others do it. Then, this week I noticed that I lost 2 people, 2 days in a row from following. Now I must tell you that I can imagine this to be really normal in blog world (remember, I am new). But I am so sensitive at times because I fear I will offend someone, disappoint someone, anger someone. It is funny when I realize how many of you let me know your thoughts or laugh with me but here I focus on two people who may have made this decision and it has NOTHING to do with me.

Yet I obsess.

But I write this post tonight to remind myself that my worth is not tied up in the way I write a blog. Whether I disappoint someone in a post. I know I am not perfect but I can not imagine writing about a $1.99 frame that I Magic Erased into oblivion was really all that offensive. And so many of you rallied with me to figure out what to do with the darn thing. (If you are wondering, it is still chillin' on my wall with that worn tear. Mocking me. Daily.

I also am not writing this post to sacrifice my dignity by smooching up to my bloggy friends still hanging in there with me so that no one leaves me ever, ever, ever again. It will happen. I know this.

I say all this to remember that I have no need to worry because some things are far more important and truly make me feel like a person of worth. Liiiiiiike...
  • I'm the daughter of the King. My Jesus. My Savior. My all in all.
  • I'm a wife to a man who looks at me the same way he did on our first date, does romantic things like cooks me breakfast every morning, and makes sure I do girlfriend nights to get a break once in awhile.
  • My daughters seek me out each day to hug or cuddle with me, sit on my lap, or spend time with me. They let me know I make them feel safe, loved, and important.
  • My precious friendships with women who make me laugh, validate me as a mother and a wife when I feel vulnerable, and add substance and kinship to my daily life which enriches me beyond my expectations.
  • Parents who visit often, tell me they are still proud of my accomplishments, and tell me I am a good mom.
  • A church family that is large but is service minded, servant hearted, and seeks to grow in Christ.
Seriously, when I look at this list, my petty disappointments compare to what truly gives me genuine worth.

Thank you friends, for bringing a smile to my face each and every day. You have no idea what a few words from you does to lift my spirit with validation. I can be so vulnerable in the area of writing. So know from the bottom of my heart how I appreciate you.



  1. International delurker day.
    Makes me laugh, but I guess I qualify being in South AFrica and all.
    I enjoy reading your blog and seriously wish we had ikea shops this side of the equator.

  2. What a perfectly lovely and sincere post. Just what I have come to expect from you. Not only do I not lurk but I am also stealing your button to post on my blog. Sister, everybody needs to follow you!

  3. I'm glad that you write for you. We shouldn't try to please in our writing and our blogs should be a place to let it all hang out no matter how good bad or ugly it is. And with that I'm proud not to be a lurker. This is great and I think everyone should do it, but I feel like you and don't force it on them. I'm sorry you lost some followers, but you didn't lose me and I'm glad that you do care about your followers not many do it's just a popularity number for them. Keep being who you are even if you do magic erase frames into oblivion, b/c that's the best you can be and that's the person we've grown to love through your writing. Hugs!

  4. I love your honesty!
    I'd be devastated if I lost followers! :-)
    Keep 'em coming!

  5. I am one of your new followers! I am still learning this blogging world also. Your girls are adorable! Keep blogging! :>)


  6. Hey, it looks like you gained two!! Yay. I love your list and it's a reminder to each of us.

  7. Sorry I lack compassion even when forwarned.
    You know I love you sister!

  8. Well, since it is de-lurker week... I'll stop lurking for a bit. :) I started following your blog after you were featured on shabby blogs. I have really enjoyed your posts and your honesty as you talk about life as a wife, mom, and Christian.

    Keep on blogging.

    Hey, 105 is a lot bigger than my 6 followers. :)

  9. Lovely blog.Im a new follower found you on bluebirdnotes.Im looking for some new type of blogs for the new year.I love your page,and your girls are very cute,love their names.I have 2 as well but they are in their early twenties.Hoping to visit soon~~Becky

  10. You know I LOVE your blog and I am a follower (You are the first blog for which I signed on as a follower!) Being new to blogging myself and blissfully unaware most of the time, I have to pose a few questions: While public blogs are easily available to one and all, does any one else feel like you are invading a private place?

    I faithfully keep up with several blogs and comment periodically on most of those. But, I also like to blog wander and find so many new things I love--am I supposed to comment when I am there? If I don't, does that make me an evil lurker?

    You can see my blog etiquette is obviously not up to speed. I'd love any feedback!


  11. First time stopping by your blog. It's just lovely. Have a blessed weekend.

  12. Oh...I wanted to mention I get sensitive when I 'loose' a follower too. I think something I posted offended as I'm upfront about my political and religious views BUT it's who I am. I figure it's okay but it still bothers me. I'm sensitive like that.

    Some people follow anon. until they know it's safe to come out of hiding. LOL I know several who read my blog and just don't follow publicly. One never knows.

  13. Hello,
    I coming out from my lurkhood. I found your website from Shabby Blogs.
    I have a blog too but I am a beginner (and it shows).
    Thanks for sharing your fun blog with me!

  14. Hey Jessica. It's just me. :o)

    I deliberately don't have a "followers" thingy on my blog for that very reason - I am very scared of rejection. And so I rather blog for the sake of saying my say and not for who might or might not be reading. (Too much pressure and I freak out! hehe!)

    Anyhoo - just LOOK HOW MANY people have commented today! Wooohooooo for you! :o) Commenters ROCK!

  15. I, too, wish for a little less lurking on my own blog, but I can see that people return to read so that has to count for something. I think, in the end, so many of us blog because we want to remember the things we did, want to do, dream about . . . sharing them is just part of the fun! I've been following along in a reader since you were featured on Shabby Blogs, and don't tend to visit most blogs direct. I'm drowning in good reads and don't always have time to comment (I should really pare down the list a bit . . . it's getting seriously kind of ridiculous.)

    Looks like you gained back your 2 readers and then some. And OK OK, I'll come out of the reader and become a follower. ;)

  16. I truly enjoy reading your blog! You are so honest, which is a quality lacking in most writing and people in general. Kudos!!

  17. **crickets**crickets**
    I am luuuurking for youuuuu!!!
    I dig your blog but not much of a comment-y kinda person ya know! Nor am I Blog Seasoned as you say....however it is a lurky lurk world we live in so I say BLOG ON my friend! You make the world a brighter place with all you do!
    Your friend,
    X (haha)

  18. I had no idea there were blogging etiquette rules. OOPS. I'm probably breaking them. oh well. I like honest blogs, it makes you real and reachable. Hey, she is just like me, is what someone would say to themselves, after reading a "real" blog. I know I am not making sense, I have just written a post on my blog, so my brain needs some ice tea. Glad to have found your blog and though we will never meet, we are sisters in Christ! so someday we will meet..

  19. Hello,
    I'm new to your blog and really enjoy it. I appreciate your authenticity. I can relate to some of the emotions and thoughts you mentioned having as a new blogger. I've been amazed how many of us women of faith are out there in the blog world. I love it!
    Keep up the great work and please come visit my blog. :)

  20. Ok, I'm coming out! I read Jenny's blog and she referred to your blog a while ago and I've been reading it since then (I don't blog - hate to write, but love to read). I too am an amateur crafter and you really have a way with writing!! I think we go to the same church so we will probably meet sometime!!

  21. Okay. So, I visited Shabby Blogs today and read some older posts and found your blog when it was featured. So, of course, I wanted to be a "lurker" today and read. Sounds like we have some things in common -- mom, wife, christian, blogger, etc... I would consider myself a little crafty as well. Be sure to know that you will be added to my "dashboard" and I will become a follower and no longer anonomously. Thank you for blogging and giving us something delightful to read! :)

  22. Found your blog on shabby blogs. I must say your blog is so cute! I am new to the whole blogging thing, so I enjoy looking at other blogs to get ideas on how to customize mine. You are very crafty and from your pictures you do an awesome job!


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