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November 7, 2010

Blog Makeover and Exciting Stuff Happening!

I have found a new creative obsession.

It is not like I was unaware digital scrapbooking existed.  Of course it does.  But I decided to experiment with some stuff after all the fun I have had with the amazing goodies Meg works so hard on over at Shabby Blogs. I wanted a new look that had more of my own personal spin on it and I came up with...

My New Header!

Do you like it?

I can't stop downloading all this stuff out there in the webasphere.  Way fun!  I will be making changes as I go because the girls have to eat.  So I can't do it all at once.

But I had a very fun feature happen this week. I am so excited to tell you...

(Can you tell I like this stuff?) 
click here to see my eyeglasses case on their 

 Also, I have another big thing happening that is a 
dream come true.   
I can't tell you yet...though I spilled the beans to some of you bloggy friends that I email.  

But I am so excited!!
I try so, so, so hard to  zip these lips until the time comes but I can hardly wait!


  1. Awesome! I love the header you made and the whole design, I'm addicted to this stuff too!

  2. I LOVE the new look! As for the dream come true..hmmm, this wouldn't have anything to do with a question you had a few months ago, would it?? Glad your excited, can't wait for the news!

  3. OOOO I LOVE YOUR Header!!!! It look super professional! :D
    Digital Scrapbook is SOOO addicting i can defiantly say an AMEN to that!!
    Congratulations on your AWESOME Feature my dear!!!
    i cant wait to see your surprise!!! ;)

  4. Can't wait for you to unzip! It sounds so exciting! The new blog header is awesome- I love it! Now I want a new one!:)

  5. I want to know the secret. Hurry up and tell us.

  6. LOVE your new header! I tried to figure that scrapbook stuff out before but I was terrible at it! I think I need someone to sit down with me just once & then I might get it :) I have always wanted to make a little blog button but I just couldn't figure it out :) Holy Smokes it! You did good girl! And what do you think you are doing giving us a teaser when you know perfectly well I can't wait! :) But I do love excitig stuff! Take care Jess!

  7. You spilled the beans to me! :) Can't wait to see the post when you reveal it to the rest of the world. I'm so proud of you. And just a wee bit jealous. But in the best possible way. LOVE YOU GIRL! :)

  8. looks great! and yea for you on the sew mama sew thing! What secrets are you keeping?

  9. Love the new look. Excited about your surprise. The excitement in this post is contagious!!

  10. Your new blog is exquisite! You're definitely talented with artistry and the computer. :)

    I can't wait to hear the exciting new news.

    Share more, when you can!

  11. Found you through Shabby Blogs months ago! Glad I can follow now :)

  12. Oh I love your new are so talented. I need to learn to do this fun stuff! I can't wait to hear your news...I am on pins and needles over here!!

  13. Did you use I used that to make my header and had a blast. And then lost interest. Not really sure why... But I did not get near as fancy as you did! It's super cute!!! When exactly can we expect the spilled beans?

  14. Everything looks great!! Come do mine now. And secrets? You have secrets? SPILL..........

  15. i sent you and email my dear!
    i dont know is it went to spam though.. yahoo made me do one of those number and letter verifications thigies! i hate those lol


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