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July 5, 2011

Make Your Own Old Fashioned Games... Make Them Pretty too!

Well here we go.  
I am planning this birthday party that I initially intended to be easy with pizza and a jump house. But to my great delight, we decided to go another direction and we are doing this picnic party with some homemade, old fashioned yard games, picnic blankets, and a picnic dinner. And it will be GIRLY!  
HOORAY for girly!  

So get ready!  This next month will be pretty party focused and today I am going to share two projects I have done so far.  
The first one is this Ring Toss game. Isn't it sweet?
I started off with this old small crate, some small embroidery hoops, and a 6 pack of Diet Root Beer.
I wanted the bottles to use in the crate.  I could only fit 5 of them in there but I loved how it turned out.
I used the inner and outer rings of the embroidery hoops to make 6 rings and wrapped them with fabric from those pretty sheets I recently purchased. I just cut them into thin strips and wrapped them around and secured it with a dab of hot glue.
I hope the outer rings with the small screws won't be a safety issue so I figure the grown ups can use those and the kids can use the inner rings.
I wanted a girly but distressed look to the bottles so I painted them a very light green color (I know it looks white...sigh) called celery ice.  After it dried, I painted over it with a light pink color and then wiped it off in different places to reveal the light green underneath.
(I love my little Ella's bare feet jumping into the picture at the last minute ♥)
I painted the crate a really pale blue color (again, it looks white...another sigh) by using a dry brush of paint.  I just dipped the brush in paint and then dabbed off the excess and then with long sweeping strokes made it look distressed.  I prefer painting things this way so that I don't have to sand them later. 
Finally, I used alphabet stamps for the lettering and made them look faded.

Fabric Wrapped Hula Hoops
I love hula hoops!  I love their shiny and fun colors.  But I wanted something more feminine and sweet for one of the outdoor activities I have planned.  Plus, a couple of their hula hoops starting peeling and feeling prickly so I wanted to give them some new life.
 So enter in pretty sheets again! 
I just cut thin strips of fabric and started wrapping them and securing them with dabs of hot glue just like the embroidery hoops.
 Much prettier and they feel so soft!
And yes, they still work!  The girls seem to like them better and actually using them a lot more now.
I believe pretty fabric makes everything better. And prettier.  And happier.
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  1. These are so pretty - the hula hoops & the ring toss game! Very creative!
    I know that picnic party's going to be a blast!

  2. Love how you've taken ordinary items and made them all girly and pretty!!

  3. You are so very creative. I just love how you make everything pretty! I am looking forward to seeing all the party details!

  4. Cute. Wow I wish my brain extended that far before a birthday to think thru all these details! I always have lots of ideas but never nail anything down till the last minute. VERY sweet!

  5. OOOHHH... So adorable and so cost effective.. : ) I have seen these in PBK but how much more fun for the children to be involved making their own..

    ...P.S. do you think you can email me..have a question to ask you..

  6. You're so creative! These are beautiful!

  7. I LOVE THESE! I totally want to make them! The last few lines of your post totally remind me of my Mom. She has always said growing up to "just add fabric. It makes everything look better!" So I say, "AMEN" too!

  8. Ah!!! I love that ring toss!! Where'd you get the crate? It's fantastic - perfect for the game.

  9. The ring toss & the hula hoops are both just darling!! You are so stinkin' creative! And your definitely right...pretty fabric does make everything better, prettier, & happier! Well done!

  10. gorgeous as usual! love it all ( -:

  11. Ring toss is precious. Love your ideas!

    Love me from SC. :-)

  12. I'm so excited about your party I can't stand it! I haven't started anything for Keller's party so maybe I'll just cancel it and tell her that your party is for her bday too!

  13. LOVE that ring toss idea of yours!! a welcome home (4 years overseas doing contract work) party this weekend...hmmm...guess what I am going to make....hmmm! Thanks for the idea!

  14. Jess!!!

    Hi! How you holding up?

    What cute ideas? So you just think ring toss & come up with this classy little number?! You should be on America's Got Talent & have someone dump a bunch a fabris on the stage & then you just dive into it & come out with something you made with there on the spot...You would disappear for like 10 seconds & come out with some finished project! The Crafty MAGICIAN! Oh I can see it now...except you wouldn't want to live in Vegas with the girls! :)

    But if you do..& you look out & see a lady in a red visor on her afro....that will be me :)

    But seriously it is funny how proud I am of you for all the ideas you come up with! I really really am...those hula hoops are pretty & the milk bottles...amazing. Don't be surprised if Annie shows up at the party!! :) Take Care Jess!

  15. Okay...after What cute ideas that is not suppose to be a question mark ~ I am not wondering if they are...I know they are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (there are some extra ones for you since I screwed the last one up :)

  16. Love, love, love the ring toss idea! We're doing a vintage cowboy "dude" party for my son's first party and I think I'll be "stealing" your ring toss idea. It will be perfect. Along with your mason jar sippy cups, bandana wrapped utensils, and whatever other wonderful ideas I can modify for his birthday. Keep the ideas coming! ;)

  17. Love the shabby look of the games! Especially the ring toss! that is so awesome looking!

  18. Oh you know How ,much i Love to wrap things with pretty fabric!! I am SO excited to see all the other Pretty girly projects!! yay!!!

  19. I love all of this!!!! I am visiting from Tatertots and Jello and I am a new follower!! I would love if you would come link this up today or tomorrow morning at my Delicately Constructed linky party!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  20. I posted this just for you! Here are some old fashioned game ideas for your party.

  21. You have the BEST party ideas! And I agree...everything is better pretty!

  22. can u email me i have a couple questions?

  23. what are the dimensions of the crate?


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