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November 16, 2011

DIY Fabric and Paper Twist Ties

Just a quick tutorial to share how to make festive twist ties. The possibilities are endless with this packaging DIY.  I love the idea of custom twistie can customize them to your packaging.  These cuties are perfect for food gifts, sweet little favors, or tiny stocking stuffers.
I  actually experimented with all of these and I ended up liking the fabric and paper the best.  The washi tape works well too but if you twist these TOO much the paper can rip.  So if you want to use paper, use more then two layers and make sure your twist tie is not too thick. I was not a fan of the wrapping paper. It was too thin. Grosgrain ribbon was really hard to glue together but the eyelet ribbon above worked great. But my ultimate go to material for this is definitely:  Fabric scraps. But try different things out and see how it works for you and school me on your mad tricks and tips. :)
Fabric scraps, scrapbook paper/cardstock, ribbon, washi or paper tape
Fabric and/or craft glue
paddle wire  (or other kind of floral wire)

The process is pretty simple.  Cut out strips to desired length, cut some paddle wire and fold in half (if desired), line the fabric with glue and fold over.  You could also lay an additional layer of fabric on the top but be sure you are thorough with sealing it closed with glue.

With washi tape I just folded it over and it stuck together.
Did that even require mentioning?
And of course with paper, I used craft glue but a very thin layer to seal it closed.  I found if I made it too gooey, the paper would soften and tear.
I decided to wrap these cute coasters and use a coordinating twist tie. I got on the bandwagon of these fun tile coasters made with mod podge and scrapbook paper and seriously...the easiest craft on the planet.  And such an awesome result.  The ceramic tiles cost me 16¢ at Home Depot and I used paper I had on hand. 
I wrapped them up and used a matching twist tie. Now I have a cute, coordinating package.

And sorry to be so blog absent lately.  I have 2 more deadlines by Thanksgiving to meet and I am rushing to get them done.  I will fit a few more goodies in through Thanksgiving so I hope and pray you are up on your blog reading! 

I will be...we literally have NO PLANS FOR THANKSGIVING!  Ours kind of changed last minute. One of you can invite me over and I will bring a yummy dessert.  Maybe an apple cream cheese tart from Martha that I have made for YEARS.  It is truly a blissful caloric experience.

Oh and if you have flyer miles for a family of four that would help too.
And clothes for cold winter if you live where it cold.
And maybe a lesson on etiquette since I am asking myself to your Thanksgiving.
I'm done now.

Happy Packaging!

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  1. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! Don't forget about the Giveaway.... :)

  2. very cute! Love the way you put it together!

  3. Would that I had $$ or miles or warm clothes to give you, Jess. I would love to have you over for Thanksgiving sometime! We were going to be on our own this year too, but our plans changed to be with family at the last minute . . . I hope you find someplace to share that yummy dessert . . . or you could just send it to my house. You know the address. ;)

  4. What a wonderful idea! Girl, even your supply pics are adorable!

    I don't own any floral wire... I now have something new to add to my Michael's list!

    I have a pet peeve: Uncertain and changing holiday plans. Now that I'm a grandma, I think I can finally say "I'm having Thanksgiving here every year and if you want to come, you can but I'm not going anywhere and my plans WILL NOT change!" Does that sound mean? I like SIMPLE holidays! No fuss- all fun! I actually could do without Thanksgiving but all the men in my life seem so fond of it... ;)

    Oh, I'm glad that you saw that I did the feature post about you. I meant to tell you when i did it but I forgot. Part of my problem is slow Internet. It keeps me from visiting as much as I'd like. ♥

  5. Love your style! Great ideas and I can't wait to try ALL of your wrapping ideas :0)

  6. Hey I just found your site last week, after one of the blogs I follow linked your site. I was automatically drawn to reading your infertility story. Thank you for putting my feelings into words. YOU are so brave for putting all that out there. I am so happy that you have two beautiful daughters. You inspired me to share my journey online. I liked your format and mine is being posted in parts as well. I feel a lot more peace since I started posting. Thank you.

    ♥ Ashley

  7. Too cute! Such a small little touch that I wouldn't have thought about! I love all things coordinating!

  8. this is just so picture perfect!!!!!! the ties are just so simple and so FABULOUS i can't stand it!!!!! can you hear the applause from NEW JERSEY!!!! i think you can! rock my rock!!!! hugs...

  9. Love this! Off to Pinterest with it I go!

  10. What a cute gift idea! I also just wanted to say how fabulous your project is over at Under the Table and Dreaming. the chandelier is gorgoeus and your tablescape is so pretty! i hope you find some Thanksgiving plans. We had ours last month (since I am in Canada)and the kids and i just spent it by oursleves as my husband was away. We actually had a really fun dinner (but definitely non traditional!)

  11. Jessica! You've done it again girl...these are so stinkin'!

  12. Oh how I wish we could have you over for Thanksgiving but we're going over to my mil's house :( I'd still like an apple cream cheese tart though!

  13. This is soooooo cool! How did you ever think this baby up!!! I LOVE it! I gotta make some of this!!!! So exciting! Your patterens are all so colorful! I ned to go shopping....I am down to the last of my supplies & your colors are inspiring me!

  14. Cute! Instead of using floral wire, do you think it would work just as well with all of the twisty ties I already have in a drawer?

  15. This is so cute & clever! Just have to share it on our Bellenza FB page. :-)

  16. You are wonderfully creative and your blog is a true inspiration!
    Groetjes from Belgium,

  17. me encanto!!!!! me podes decir si no es molestia el efecto de cinta en cada foto?


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