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November 28, 2011

Wreath Chandelier + Ball Garland: TUTORIAL

I guest posted a few weeks ago over at Stephanie Lynn's blog...Under the Table and Dreaming for her Handmade Holiday series.  It was loads of fun and all the Christmas projects were so inspiring.  I am posting this Wreath Chandy Tutorial here on my blog in case any of you missed it!

Let's dive into the tute! :)
1.  In my eagerness to get started, I began wrapping my 16 inch wreath form of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam with floral tape prior to taking a "before" photo.  Sorry!  But here is what you need:
1 16 inch (or larger) wreath form of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam
2 packages (16 count ea.) 1 inch balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam
fishing line
textured white spray paint
4 faux pine garlands
2. Begin wrapping your wreath form of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam with one of your pine garlands.
3. Push each wrap tightly together to make it thick. Tuck ends under the wrapped pieces.
4.  Here's your wreath wrapped with all 4 garlands.
5. To make the wreath look snowy, I used a textured spray paint that produces a flecked effect.
6.  Lightly spray it with a sweeping motion but don't saturate it in one area or it will become too white.
7.  When one side is dry, flip it over and do the other side.
8.  It takes at least 3 hours to become completely dry and will be stiff to the touch.
After it was dry, my husband helped me tie 4 strands of silver cording I bought at Joann Fabrics (99¢ per yard) equidistantly around the wreath in between the wrapped layers of garland.
Push the garland back around the tied cording to hide the part that is tied.
We attached the ends to an O ring (or in my case...a key ring I had on hand) and hung it from a hook on our ceiling after measuring the distance from the ceiling to above the dining room table. 
(I have cathedral ceilings which is why the hook is on an angle)
I ended up making 2 small garlands to crisscross underneath the chandelier using a 16 count package of 1 inch balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam for each garland. You will also need Mod Podge, metallic crochet thread, scissors, the fishing line, and a yarn needle.
1. Begin by wrapping the 1 inch balls of STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam with silver crochet thread.
2. Wrap completely but don't worry if some of the white still shows.
3. Glue the ends with a bit of Mod Podge and let dry.
4. Thread each one onto fishing line using a thicker needle used for yarn.
I also strung silver bells to make this pretty garland. I tied a loop at either end of the fishing line to hang it up using ornament hooks.
Now for the fun part...decorate your chandelier! I used all silver ornaments to give it some sparkle.
Here's a shot underneath.
Yes, I totally laid on my back on the dining table to take it. Cool shot though, right? :)
It's so pretty hanging over the table and I love how festive it looks.
This does not even have to hang over a dining table.  What about a front entry hall table or even  in the kitchen?  Lots of possibilities!
Hope you are inspired to add some sparkle over your table too!

I will be back this week for some more Christmas inspiration!


  1. Oh isn't that just STUNNING!!! it looks like it took A LOT of hours to make... But it also looks WELL WORTH IT!!! it is beautiful...

  2. Nope. Not a lot of hours at all. You just wrap it with garland, spray paint it, hang it and decorate it. It just looks fancy. :)

  3. gorgeous! i just found your blog as I commented after you on another (and the name intrigued me - two shades of pink!) so i came to check you out and love your stuff. A new follower :)

  4. That is so gorgeous!! Im pinning it so I can make it next week!

  5. I love it!

    I'm planning on making something similar on thursday... I'll post the results.

  6. oooo, lovin' this "chandy" hard core! i have no place to put it this year, but next year (if i remember it a year from now) i'm totally making it!

  7. Oh yes...Just fun to drool over again :) My mom read one of your comments & she said, "That pink shades girl really gets you!" I said, "She sure does! Love her!!! (you)

  8. Muito lindo, meus parabéns pela criatividade!
    postei essa ideia lá no meu blog, espero que não se importe...


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