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November 4, 2011

Pretty Packages: Peppermint and Lace Theme

WOO HOO! I get to show you my first packaging idea of the season! This one is my favorite combination and the colors feel festive and happy!

I have bestowed my pretty packages with a theme I like to call Peppermint & Lace which inspired my... 
 I already decorated around here...can you stand it? 
My precious friend Amy who did my original design...more then came through for me on this one.  When I came to her with an idea, she literally wowed me once again with her fabulous, "perfect for me" style.  
I could not be more smitten with it...or her! Thanks sweet Amy!

Over the next few months I hope to share different styles and ideas of packaging with you since packaging happens to be one of my heart loves.  Don't you think a pretty package is like getting an extra special treat in addition to the goody inside? And who does not need fun wrapping ideas and other Christmas craft inspiration? 
Now let's talk packaging!
First up...this little bag is made from waxed tissue paper. Does it look familiar to some of you?  Yep...I wrapped the deli sandwiches in this for my girl's picnic party and I decided to craft up the leftovers.
Add some bakers twine and stuff it with a little doily...
you got yourself the cutest little bag in the whole wide world.
This little ruffle bow was made with polka dot wrapping paper and the striped wax paper.  I decoupaged a little wood bead with it and wrapped it around the box several times with baker's twine.
This little box is probably my favorite.  
I decoupaged a button this time and used the twine for this simple wrap job.  And I added a little lace flag as an embellishment. 
Oh and the box?  I spray painted the blue snowman cookie tin white.  Perfection.
Hello there little white lunch bag!  Who would have thought a humble white bag could get so much love and attention, right?  The top is just folded over with a piece of wrapping paper and clipped closed with two mini clothespins holding a twine bow. I added a little square of scrapbook paper with a glue stick to make a pocket and stuffed it with lace and added a white yarn pom pom on a lollipop stick wrapped with twine. 
 The end of the twine holds a little wooden spool. 
Here's a little bunting I made to wrap around a larger gift like a shirt box made from twine, red felt, the striped wax paper, and lace.  I just adore it!

I would love to hear what you guys think of this themed packaging!
Other packaging styles and ideas to come...
HUGS & Smiles!!

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  1. So cute! I love that decoupaged button & the baker's twine with the lace flag embellishment! Adorable!

  2. absolutely fabulous!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything and have a sudden urge for a peppermint!!!! i am so loving buntings this year!!!! i plan on wrapping with tons of them! : ) thanks as always for sharing your picture perfect ideas with us!!! hugs...

  3. Love it! I totally agree that the packaging make the inner gift more special.
    I picked up my first roll of cute paper that I just could not walk by and leave last night. Love the tin idea too!!! I might have to stock my local thrift store and collect my own stash.

  4. What do I think? OH MY! You are amazing, Jessica! That's what I think! So many precious ideas. I love the little banner the most but it's all just adorable!

    I would like to do a post about this series you're doing and send girls your way if that's alright? ♥

  5. I LOVE this theme! My fav is the little flag bunting. What an awesome way to dress up a present!! I have a baby shower coming up so I think I'm going to use that idea.

  6. You always come up with such pretty ideas!! Love it!!


  7. I can ALMOST taste and smell the peppermint candy!!!
    I am thinking I want to Pencil myself in on your Gift List.... : ) So VERY cute

  8. Love this combo, it's so fresh and clean. I can taste the peppermint too! You continue to amaze me girl!

  9. oh and i've been waiting next to the phone for 2 days straight.. just thought you should know that :)

  10. heidi defaut - mickdefaut@gmail.comNovember 4, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    i love wrapping packages and am always on the look-out for interesting wrap and ribbons.and then when they are all under the tree i can sit back and admire my handiwork. love it!!

  11. love this packaging!!! i love your blog too :)
    and i'm soooo ready to start xmas decorating!!
    xox dana
    stop by the wonder forest

  12. So cute! I love the little lace flag :)
    I think I'm feeling a little Christmas-y too

  13. So so cute Jessica! Love your ideas! Your so talented. God has given you many beautiful gifts :)

  14. I'm so inspired by all of this that I went ahead and put up the tree!! Thanks for the inspiration, Jess!!

  15. Pure joy!!! Love these you have me wanting to deck the halls. xoxoxo

  16. Fabulous ideas! So festive and fun! I'd be thrilled if you'd share this at my {Our}Home for the Holidays link party!


  17. Love this theme!! So pretty and fresh and festive!

  18. OH MY!!! y really love love love love love this wrapping ideas!!

  19. This packaging is totally adorable!! I just found your blog through Andrea - Cottage Market! Even though I am not very crafty, I adore pretty packaging ideas and yours are lovely! Love Love the Peppermint theme! I have a blog that is all about sweets, so if you get a sweet tooth, swing by for a looksee! I, too, am a Christian and am so thankful to God that He gives us such wonderful creativity to use and to enjoy through out blogs. xo Jina

  20. Ahhhhhhh oh my goodness! I love all this! Where have I been? Serisouly. I love your blog Christmas graphics, too! I will SO be sharing this on my blog today...Just you wait and see sweet friend!

  21. Just wanted to stop by to tell you thank you so much for stopping by my blog to take a look around. I really appreciate you letting me know you were there! Have a great day!! BTW ~ I LOVE your blog!!

  22. I'm so excited that you're focusing on packaging ideas. I have a goal of having my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving and part of the reason is that I'd like to have a chance to wrap them beautifully :)

  23. Never would have thought to spray those tins! I might even buy some this year thanks to you! & you really decopauged a bead & a button? Girl you win! Most Fabulous friend IN the world!

    This Christmas in November is fun! You are a terrible influence! I ALMOST wrapped a gift for fun! Almost ;)

  24. This is so very very cute, can't wait to try some of the ideas this holiday season! :)

  25. In LOVE with all of these ideas. You are fabulous

  26. Hello Jessica: what a lovely blog and beautiful post, it's so well done. Your packages are just adorable too - so sweet! I've got this linked to my gift wrapping post today as well, for inspiration.

  27. Oh, my goodness, what a great way to dress up a little package. Everything is so pretty I know I would not want to open anything!

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