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November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Fortune Cookie Favors

I am going to take a little break from Christmasy fun to share these Thanksgiving Fortune Cookie Favors. Courtney, one of my sponsors, asked me to create some Thanksgiving favors for her Thirty-One consultants.  I remembered Martha Stewart's fun little fortune cookies she made for Valentine's Day and thought they would make a great little Thanksgiving note to send along with a little takeout box.
Using card stock and some Fall graphics, I typed out the message "I'm So 'Fortunate' To Know You" and used that as the little fortune inside.
1.  To make them, I cut out 4 inch circles out of brown felt.  I cut floral wire slightly shorter then 4 inches and glued it to the center of the circle with brown satin ribbon glued on top.
2. After they dried I laid my fortune across the center face down.
3.  I pulled two sides of the circle up so that the tops meet...
4.  Using my two thumbs in the center, I bent the 1/2 circle in half again to form the fortune cookie shape.
I used raffia as a filler inside the takeout boxes and placed the fortune cookies on top.
Each box was tied off with a little, orange ribbon bow.
I added a 2 inch round label with a Turkey and a little thank you note from Courtney.  These circle labels from Avery are awesome and there is so much potential with them.  The turkey template is actually available on their site and I was able to edit it and customize the message.  So fabulous!
I got them all shipped out last week and I personally think it would be such a sweet treat to get a small little box like this in the mail. I mean, who does not like mail??

-I like this idea so much especially for other occasions.  How about having slips of paper for the whole family to write what they are thankful for and then putting them in little fortune cookies  to open on Thanksgiving Day and read them around the table? You could plan ahead and ask family members to make theirs ahead of time. (A great idea for next year) :)

-Great favors or place cards for around the table too!

-Or what about using these for a fun little scavenger hunt in the little boxes?  Perfect for a party, maybe even Christmas morning as clues to find hidden goodies, and of course Valentine's Day.

-How about a way to tell someone you love how special they are?  A great "card" to send to someone far way like a college student or a loved one who just moved to a new place.

Hope you like this fun Thanksgiving idea and it's still packaging so it counts!
Thanksgiving Hugs & Blessings
I am so THANKFUL for each one of YOU!


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!!!!!! i made these with Catnip last year (i had to sew :( lol!!! your packaging is CRAZY FABULOUS but i wouldn't expect anything less!!!! like i said before my friend you ROCK!!!! tons of applause coming to you from Jersey!!!! : ) hugs...

  2. I LOVE these! It would be so fun to get one of these in the mail! That turkey label is too cute!

  3. This is SO adorable! I want to come to your dinner. :) Very creative!

  4. Hi,
    These little felt cookies are amazing!! I'm making a big Thanksgiving Dinner for my son's girlfriend, she is now living here in the UK. I think she is going to love them. Thank you so much for beautiful, gorgeous crafting. Happy Thanksgiving! Jane x

  5. how cute Jess, good job girl :) they came out great!

  6. wishing you and yours all that is good in the world on this wonderful day of thanks! hugs...

  7. Oh my mailed all those babies? YOu ARE too fun! I just love the idea of mailing people a surprise! & these! Way adorable & thoughtful....just like the girl who made 'em :) P.S. I am sure Martha is taking notes from you too!!!

  8. His work is incredible!
    I loved everything you do, visit my blog, I also do crafts.


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