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August 19, 2009

Felt Bookmarks

OK. It is official. I am drawing a blank on what to write. This frustrates me to no end because I am a blog reader too. I love reading funny or creative, or insightful posts. Are you currently thinking to yourself, what on earth does this have to do with felt bookmarks? Well, nothing. I am just venting. But I am digging out of past writing and creating because I am refusing to confess my life is at a boring standstill at the moment. I am in the flux of a daily routine so what can I do? Prove to all 6 readers (are there more of you? Please tell me. I wonder and stay up late wondering if there are friends out there I have not met who have shared in my ramblings on life) that I really have worthwhile things to post. But I better find something new before I run out of the old stuff.

The bookmarks. This was easy and fun. And I always love something useful and pretty. Now I have admitted I am a very average crafter. But I think these bookmarks turned out pretty cute. Let me post a picture before you stop reading since I am going on and on...

All I did was make them with craft felt and fabric. The J Initial has fabric on the back but I used adhesive backed felt and the stitches are just for show. The B Initial is sewn together.

Here is the fabric on the back of the J Initial. The B has stiffened felt in between the two sewn pieces of felt to give the bookmark strength and keep it straight.

This is really inexpensive and easy to do with adhesive backed craft felt if sewing is not your thing. Great gift to give with a book or journal. No tutorial today since I did this awhile ago. Hope you are once again inspired. It inspired me to go read...someone else's blog! ;)

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