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August 1, 2009


I was honestly surprised at how fun this party was! I feared that the activities would kind of be over their heads but they were all for it! They played hard and used their creative minds for some adorable creations! Cati & Ella had a blast too though Ella kind of melted down towards the end. Not shocking for a one year old with no nap. But the pictures will probably explain themselves but I will put comments here and there for fun.
I wish I had more to say today. It has been a draining week but God is continually reminding me of His goodness. So until another day of are the pictures from today's hoopla!
This is Ella's smash cake. Obviously, it is her initial "e" with polka dots. I just used a boxed cake and icing. I am not very good at decorating cakes but I still think it's fun.

This is Ella eating her smash cake.

This is Cati's birthday cake which was a Hot Fudge Sundae Cake. I cut ice cream sandwiches for the edge, filled it with chocolate ice cream (In a spring form pan), froze it and then poured hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top.
Daddy & Ella before the party.
I was actually in panic mode the night before because I realized I made a bib but nothing special for Cati. I am really losing my brain cells planning this party. So I am making this little 3 pin with ribbons (that matches the bib for Ella) the night before at 12 :08 am but knowing with each stitch that my precious Cati is worth all the fatigue. She looks so precious in this picture. Sometimes my heart aches when I look at her beautiful face.

Look at my Ella's smile!! Oh yeah! In the background are black & white pictures of the girls from infancy until their ages now. They turned out so cute hanging from string from the ceiling.

Here is the Sweet Bling station where we made edible bracelets with gummy life savers, fruity cheerios, and little candies on twizzler pull aways. Mmmm mmmmm.

Making the aprons. I set out fabric markers and foamie stickers.
Decorating cookies & cupcakes. Just incredibly fun!
So there's me with the pink icing decorating a tulip cookie.

Me again with Cati cheesing for the camera.

Group Picture! Could these kiddos be any more scrumptious and cute? They look so cute in their aprons! Good times, good times. And um, how funny is my Cati looking like a celebrity in the middle with her groupies?


  1. It was SUCH a great party! You did a wonderful job, and the kids had so much fun - thanks!!! We made our M&M cookies this afternoon and are sharing SOME of them with friends we're bringing dinner to tonight. Most, we're keeping for ourselves!!

  2. What a FUN, FABULOUS party!! You rocked it! The creative stations were awesome, and the girls cannot wait to make their cookies! So cute. Awesome job.

  3. Okay, so I already thought you were cool, but now I have a whoooooole new respect for you. This is the most awesome party everrrr! No way you made that cake! I saw that and I was thinking, "Oh, how rad! I bet that was so expensive." You are such a rock star! Totally stealing that. You have so many awesome ideas!


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