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August 30, 2009

Tooth Bear Craft

Yep. I'm doing a craft post. It will be short, I promise.

I share this little craft with you since I am in the frame of mind of gift giving for kids right now. So many birthdays, babies about to be born, etc I am always thinking of what I can give with the personal touch.

I was a little nervous giving these as a gift but it was for my BFF's two boys and she always appreciates my frugal...ok....handmade gifts. At the very least, if she already had something like this for them put away they could have little keepsake bears (they are pretty small...perfect for the Ms. Fairy to retrieve under a pillow).

Now before you get a little intimidated, it actually ended up pretty easy. It was only a little hard because I had no idea how to do a whip stitch or blanket stitch but I kinda got the hang of it after I was almost done. It looks VERY handmade but I kinda liked that effect. I changed up the look a little bit and put her boy's initials on the little pockets where the tooth goes. Her oldest (who was four at the time) was really excited about these bears. Who woulda thunk?

I got this idea from the Martha Stewart website and you can get the detailed instructions for this project here.

At the very least, I hope you enjoyed seeing a cute little craft. My hope is to make something like this for my girls but much more girly. A flower, bird, butterfly...the possibilities are just endless.

Am I converting any of you into getting crafty?

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  1. We are the proud owners of these bears and they are VERY popular with Sam. He can't wait to lose his first tooth. Here's how our conversation went just last week. I kid you not, Jess...
    Me: "Sam, I'll let you eat the lollipop but you have to brush your teeth really good afterwards. There's a lot of sugar in that and you have to get all the sugar bugs off your teeth so they don't eat holes in them.
    Sam: "But what will happen if I get holes in my teeth?"
    Me: "Then they'll fall out."
    Sam: "Well that's ok mommy, cause then I can just put my tooth in my tooth bear and the tooth fairy will come and leave me money."
    He's all about using that bear. And if his teeth rot out of his head prematurely, I just want you to know that I will hold you completely responsible. :-)
    But truly, we love these bears. It's so nice to get a gift that's been made by someone you love and that loves you. This will definitely be kept for them well after their baby teeth are gone! Thank you again for such a thoughtful and special gift! I do hope this post inspires others to do the same for their loved ones too. :-)


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