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October 28, 2009

Do You Know Etsy?

I bet if you gleaned any amount of enjoyment from a kindergarten project of gluing macaroni to a paper plate attached to a popsicle know Etsy.

This is a webby place no creative person should go unless you are prepared to adhere yourself to your chair and prepare to be inspired. A place that if hubby knows I am visiting, he turns off the light and goes to the bed to the sound of my oohing and ahhing over the ridiculously creative people there are in this world. How I love Etsy.

Not crafty or handy? That is OK. Because if you have an appreciation for beautiful, mind boggling, gorgeous things, this is a place to buy things that crafty, creative people make and sell. It really is an Internet vacation for me.

And here is something kinda scary for me to admit...

I so want to have an Etsy store.

This makes me incredibly vulnerable. I really do not think I can even compare to these magnificent, fabulous, creative people that are turning out such inspired things. But I also think if I don't try I will regret it. So I thought I would start here with all my friends that come to visit me occasionally. Would you mind letting me know what you think? I really want to know if this is worth even a half of a grain of salt to pursue and I know you will be sweet. Right? Kid gloves, people. I am so nervous.

OK. It all started a few weeks ago when my bible study asked for a volunteer to do "Life in a Bag." It is kind of like a grown-up show and tell where you put things in a bag that represent who you are and your life. Like pics of the fam, hobbies, etc. Tonight is my night so I decided to put something in there to represent my crafty side. Then I figured I would go one better and make something for all the lovely, sweet as pie ladies in the group. So I decided to make book marks since I have done it before, it was fun and easy, and it seemed appropriate for a bible study.

I absolutely love fabric so this was a lot of fun to make them a little treat with their initial on it. It is so much better than a paper book mark because it will last longer. They turned out so cute and I am really hoping the ladies like them. This photo is to show both the front and back and I made each one unique.
After doing these, inspiration came to me and I thought some really cute, applique looking ones would turn out nice with fabric on one side and a simple design on the other. I mean, it is only a book mark. I have a gazillion ideas so I started playing around with these just to get a visual.

I am pretty bummed that the pics don't show the detail as well. The flower one on the left has a pink button in the middle and a green stem stitched down to the bottom. It's hard to see. The bird as a little green bead for the eye and the fabric wing is cut with pinking shears. I smile whenever I look at the long bird legs.

These are so cute with inspiration from Pottery Barn Kids. I love the tree one which I did a spin off of the Brooke Bedding and the flower was an inspiration from a nightlight on sale.

Had to make a coffee one. I would take the stuff in an IV if I could. The steam is my favorite detail.

Not sure how I am feeling about these ribbon ones. I am totally digging the preppy one on the right. The one on the left is kinda crazy looking. But if I put more thought into the colors and design, it might end up cute.

So I was just wondering what you thought. Do you think they are sellable? I have more ideas than just book marks but just wanted your thoughts on my designs so far.

Be gentle.


  1. I would buy all of them! Especially when I'm in a Beth Moore study, I need like 5 place markers. I'm going to check out Etsy and get back to you. See you tomorrow at Trunk or Treat! In your boring car with no creativity.

  2. LOVE the bookmarks and cannot wait to get mine!!!! One of the secrets to a succesful etsy store is photography. I have a very nice camera and a background in advertising. I'll get you hooked up :)

    My favorite is the one with the little bird on it. CUTE stuff you need to have a store. Costs next to nothing so you really have nothing (well next to nothing) to lose.

    I'm going ot miss class on Wed again but I'll call/stalk you when I get back in town on Thursday.

  3. Jess - these are FANTASTIC! I love them! All of them. I think that the coffee one and the bird with the long legs are my favorites.

    I'd write more, but I have a squeaky baby in the next room - oh well! Send me the link to your etsy site. You know you have to do it... get on it!!!

  4. I recently wrote a post on my own blog about how I want to open an Etsy shop too but wonder about what I would sell and if I'm good enough. I say, GO FOR IT! You'll never know until you try. :)

  5. See even back then you say that you want to have an Etsy store. I totally think God would bless it! Cant wait :)


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