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October 30, 2009

Halloween Treat Bags

A girl just has to accessorize. Need the bag, the shoes, the jewels. It is just the delightful experience of being a girl. So I believe that Halloween should not be any different and when you have a costume, the bag is a MAJOR PART OF THE OUTFIT! You get goodies and treats in it for crying out loud. People give them to you on purpose and willingly! So I believe the bag should always make a statement.

For the last 3 Halloween's I have made a bag for Cati. The first year she was this adorable little strawberry fairy equipped with a headband stem and little booties. Beyond cute.

I made that strawberry treat bag to match the outfit. I used felt because...well, I love it. Plus it is really cheap, sturdy, and and easy to work with.

This is the bag up close. I used tiny little white pom poms for the seeds and hot glued sparkly green pipe cleaners over the handles. I also incorporated them to make fun little curly vines.
I am so excited that Ella will be wearing this costume this year. She is not so cooperative with head wear so we shall see how the evening will go.

My girls look so little in this pic! Last year, Cati was a UNC Cheerleader. My husband and both his parents are UNC Chapel Hill grads so they are Tar Heel crazy! So we decided to be a UNC family. Ella was wearing a onesie that said, "This IS My Costume!" She was 3 months and I was not worried about her having a costume. She did wear a Carolina sweater, though. :)

I also made her bag out of felt and foam sheets. Seriously, it is one night! Why worry about the fancy bag, you ask? Because I love it. It is fun to do and she looks like the cutie patootie she is.

One side of the bag and Ella's arm. I love the little Tar Heel on the bottom.

Other side of the bag. This bag got totally trashed because Cati dragged it on the ground when it got full of candy.

Here is this year's bag. Cati is Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). I was seriously ready to not make one this year but I found this pretty fabric sample in a clearance bin at Joann's for $2. I bought a few yards of pink felt (she was very specific of what color pink she wanted) and gold ribbon and had no idea what I was going to do because the fabric sample was small. This is what I ended up with and added flowers all along the sides. It ended up super pretty and you can't really tell it is felt since I overlayed the other fabric on top.

I am sure I will have more pics of Halloween later. Until then...


  1. Wow. Can you make my kids bags for tomorrow and have them ready by 4pm. Bella is a Asian Princess and Gavin is Darth Vader. Thanks! Love ya.

  2. I love these bags but I must say, this year's is my favorite. Pink, girlie, fabulous! What a fun night!

  3. Um, hello!! It's Monday. Where is it? Come on?

  4. Can you give me the SOP for the strawberry treat bag? I need to make one and yours looks the best Ive seen. Tx. C


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