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October 13, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

TIP #1 Seasonal Picture Frames

Officially, I am in full fledged, Fall decorating mode. Even in this crazy 91 degree weather. So I am inspired. These picture frames have had my engagement pictures in them and it is time they came down. They have been in there so long that we look like nerds and now we have aged a bit. They will be the pictures our children will cover their mouths, giggle, point, and say, "Daddy, what is up with your hair?"

As I was removing the pictures, I glanced over at my latest craft project (a felt leaf garland that is a pain in my tookus) and thought, "Who says only pictures have to go in picture frames?" So I put some of the leaves in the squares. It looked so cute! I propped it up on one of the two little wall shelves that flank the picture over my couch and made it Fall festive.

I did the same thing with this picture frame too. I also think it is fun to use large picture frames for other purposes like a tray or even a cute centerpiece on a dining room or coffee table.

This one inspired me to add some Autumn flair for a fake little coffee chat with a friend. Yes, I so staged this for this post. Anything on my coffee table would be smashed to smithereens by my 1 and 3 year olds. If you have a frame with a back that is really tight you can loop ribbon around both ends for handles and make it into a little tray.

TIP #2 Beyond Baking...

I love this tip! Hang a cookie sheet vertically in your kitchen like a magnetic memo board. Maybe try 2 or 3 in a row. I have a shopping list, recipe cards, and photos of my girls baking in aprons. I actually don't have this up in my kitchen. I just did this to provide a visual for this post but it really turned out too cute.

This is also a cookie sheet vertically leaning against my server in the dining room. I thought it kind of different to use one as a chalk board for the evening menu. Maybe for a dinner party? Note: That would not be a menu for a dinner party. But it was a fun idea.

Happy Tuesday and Happy Fall!

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