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October 8, 2009

Yard Sale Chic

It has been awhile since I did a post with some creativity flair and this is one that may inspire some of you. As I have mentioned before, I have the bestest BFF ever. And being the cool, thrifty girl that she is, she picked up this memo board for me last Saturday for $5.

Five buckaroonies! I have to say this was a nice find. She found for herself one of those pottery barn wall racks to hold books for $10 because there was a microscopic section of chipped paint. I just love that other people's trash can be our treasure for next to nothing.

The memo board had some wear on it but fortunately I buy new furniture that looks like that. So all I really had to do was clean it and put some fun fabric on the bulletin board part since it was scratched and had some marker on it.

Now it looks fabulous and I even used material I already had. The littlest things get me so giddy! Can you even see the material?

Well, just thought I would share my fun little find. Sadly, I have no place to really put it now but I am way excited about having his adorable and updated memo board. Hmmmm...may have to rearrange a bit...


  1. You can put it in my new laundry room... it is exactly what I had in mind. haha

  2. I love the new fabric! I am so glad that we have been introduced through my sister. I believe that God knew that I would need our (albeit brief) conversations for "such a time as this!" I am thankful for you!


  3. I'll take it!! You amaze me every day. If I could have just a tad of your creativity I would be a happy girl. I just don't have it. Maybe you can teach a class in your spare time. You can call it, Just for Jen!! Thanks Two Tips!!


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