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November 18, 2009

Full of Thanksgiving!

Friends, I never knew I would write something called a blog. The first time I heard that word, I was so mystified by this techy term that it reminded me of blob and frog merged together. As I began to read other blogs, I became inspired by the creativity I encountered. Blown away, laughing out loud, weeping just by reading about the lives of people I have never met. It was the most surreal experience to be vested in a person's life through this little monitor window into the webby world. So in light of this 4 month journey of writing this blog, I am so incredibly wowed to be a featured blogger on the Shabby Blogs Blog.

I am excited, humbled, and most of all thankful for such a fun recognition. I love writing and sharing my life in my posts. To have someone give me such encouragement has touched me in a monumental way. I read numerous blogs from talented, incredibly gifted writers who are every day people just like me with something to say. So I pray that God will use my writing, maybe my Two Shades of Pink Story or just some laughter to bless someone who stops by.

Thank you bunches, Meg! The day I saw your little cameo pop up as my 3rd follower, I will never forget how insanely pumped I was knowing you were out there rooting for me. It means so much and so does this feature.

Thank you to every person who has visited me, left a comment and just stopped by to peek in.

You know. To my blob frog.



  1. yay!! I found your blog from Meg's blog. i love the way you answered her questions and I love your writings and the blog! everything! :)

    you deserved those featured, cuz you're talented blogger I think :)

    nice to know ya, Jess :)

  2. Girl, you ROCK! Lovely blog and you are just the sweetest!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I just happened to run across today and I saw your feature. It was SO NICE to meet you! I also liked the way you answered your questions ...especially that Jesus inspires you! I just wanted to tell you that I think that's very cool!
    Take care!

  4. Hi! I came across your blog through Shabbyblogs ~ a first time visit to both. Happy blogging! I started blogging a couple years back and it's so addicting because you meet up with some of the nicest people in cyberspace. It's fun every day!

  5. Enjoying your blog!! Always look forward to Tuesdays especially. Missed you in Bible Study tonight. Hope all is well.

  6. First off, your blog is ADORABLE. I am a "new blogger" myself (my best friend talked me into doing it!) and I'm totally addicted! I just want you to know I feel encouraged by your adorable featured blog (you deserve it!) and, I, too, LOVE shabbyblogs (Eee!), and I wish you could give me some tips on how in the world you figured out that kevinandamanda fonts thing. I've tried and failed. I would love a personalized header, titles and signature as well. How in the world did you do it??

  7. Children are blessed lol. Your blog looking good.

  8. Um, do you even have time for me anymore? haha.

  9. Jess...
    I'd say I'm so proud of you, but I don't want it to sound patronizing. But I'M SO STINKIN' PROUD OF YOU, FRIEND! And happy for you! Yey!

    I'm with Jen, though... remember us when you go on to the big time...


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