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November 13, 2009

What's a Promise?

So on the way home from AWANA Cubbies the other night, Cati tells me she made me a picture and it is in her bag. I pull it out and see this rainbow with the phrase "God makes a promise." I tell Cati how wonderful her picture is and then decide to make this a moment to learn.

"Cati, do you know what the word promise means?"

" Yes."

"Really? What does promise mean?"

"It's like a circle."

Whoa. I had to let that sink in because she seemed to be going a little deeper than what I was prepared for. Then I figured she meant that a rainbow is like a circle. I had no idea but I was definitely fearful in that moment that my 3 year old was beginning to show signs of an intellect that vastly surpasses my own.

"A circle?"

"Yes. A circle."

"How is a promise like a circle?"

"Because it is round like a circle."

OK. Time to move on from the philosophical circle.

"Cati, a rainbow is a promise from God. He gave us a rainbow after the flood when Noah built the ark. Do you remember that story?"

"Mmmm hmmm."

Well, a promise means that when someone says they will do something they will really do it. Like, if I told you Mommy promises to give you a popsicle, I will give you a popsicle. Because Mommy keeps her promises. And God ALWAYS keeps His promises.

My child lights up like a birthday candle. "A POPSICLE?"


Silence fills the car and only the sound of the radio playing and the hum of the tires ensues. Then...


"Yes, Cati?"

eat that popsicle."

Ahhhh. Lesson learned.


  1. How awesome!! I taught my girls about the promise of the rainbow when they were younger. Now as teenagers, pray for me, they will run to see a rainbow after a rain. I love your blog and am now a follower. Be blessed.

  2. Just followed a link from shabbyblogs and ended up here reading about your adorable conversation with your daughter. Love her thought process! Made me smile :)


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