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November 25, 2009

Thanks Tampa Bay Baby!

I have been reflecting upon my parenting journey for the last week now. It fascinates me that when my children become sick, they seem to have a frailty to them that I don't notice until they are down for the count. Usually the status quo around here is a combination of screaming, laughing, whining, crying, talking, running, jumping, giggling all into one big bundle of daily chaos. So when one of them becomes ill, the chaos diminishes and life becomes more introspective for me as they lay in my arms whimpering in the midst of their misery.

This has been my last week with BOTH girls so sick and hubby and I not far behind. It is times like these that I think about my 3 year old Cati who was just a baby like a week ago...right? But then there are the moments (actually, 4 seconds ago as I type this post), a giggly Cati approaches me with blue play doh squished against her forehead while a dried smear of goo trails out of her nose onto her cheek. I see her and smile because I see the baby she used to be reflected in that cheeky smile yet she is no longer my baby but a growing little girl. My precious girl who wants to dress herself and has recently decided she can put on pants all on her own...
...even Daddy's pants. (She pretends the pockets are a shirt)

Or my Ella who has been the most sick all week. My active, independent 15 month old who wants to do everything by herself and throws a fit if you do it for her. Like washing her hands...

At the same time, she makes us laugh, loves to be a girl, and gives us a hug when she races by for whatever blinky, flashy thing that has caught her attention yet again.

So I begin to see how thankful I am to be their mom and to know so many other parents out there who are thankful for their children too. And I love learning about the lives of other moms, their journeys to parenthood. Especially since I constantly want to learn new things about all things parenting; especially parenting babies.

So I feel so honored to be Tampa Bay Baby's featured blogger since they are a fantabulous resource for anything baby! What a fast, easy resource with expert advice and heart warming features, articles, and informative links. I had no idea I was featured until I clicked on their home page and there was my button! The button I had just made and posted! How exciting! I am thankful that my blog can encourage anyone else going through this parenting journey with me. This journey that took me many years to arrive at this particular stage yet it will be the rest of my life as it continues.

For the feature and being a wonderful resource for parents in Tampa Bay, FL and everywhere else!


  1. That is so cool! What an honor! Yeah...they sure are sweet when they are sick :) But I still love when they get better too! You are lucky the snot was on her kids walk over to me & wipe it on my pants before Iknow what is coming! :)

  2. I just love this post Jess! What a memorable moment with Cati and the pants. Now, how is hubby when he is sick? Mine is the biggest baby in the whole wide world. He cannot hang! He gets a cough, he heads for the bed. Unlike us Mom's who have to tough it out. Love you!!

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Be careful... you are getting famous! Guard your heart. I am excited for you!
    Jenn N

  4. Oh, how you have made me laugh this morning! I linked to your blog from Shabby Blogs and was not disappointed! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more!



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