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November 5, 2009


I have no idea what to write. So I have started this post praying that the Lord will just take over my brain, my typing hands, and the words will just flow. But I am anticipating random musings and ramblings, yet that would mean I am not believing God for a very poignant post.

I have been in such a writing slump. For no apparent reason. I guess it is because life is sometimes normal and mundane. So let's try a list. Lists are a balm to my soul. They create order and order is my bliss. Perhaps if I do a list, something extraordinary will come of it. Or I will just be able to update you on life happenings in my household. My last post outside of my weekly TTT post was my Halloween bag. So let's go in order...

Halloween: Boy did I have some grumpy girls. They were not thrilled with a boiling hot Halloween in costume. Or that we were a volunteer trunk and candy hander outers for our church trunk or treat. But I am sure you would appreciate a visual of my girlies in costume. A Strawberry Fairy and Princess Aurora...

We Got Our Power Turned Off: By mistake. Oooohhhh...I was hot! Fortunately, not in body temperature. It was 72 degrees that day. I was just plain mad. This is the second time this happened. And in this little rental we have, the power guy actually has to open our back fence gate to come to the power box to turn it off. Sometimes the city workers have to come check the meter thingy and the first time I almost bit the guy's head off coming onto the patio. This time, I thought that was happening again and greeted him cheerfully since our window was open on such a cool day. Scared the guy silly. We laughed together. Hee hee ho ho ha ha. Then I hear the TV pop off. I tell Cati to turn it back on and she said it wasn't working. I thought she was referring to the sub par Disney DVD from the library where other mothers apparently let their children scratch them up and leave mystery, sticky food particles on them. Then I realize the house is eerily quiet. It is 10:30 in the AM and my power is off. That little deceiver! OK, he was just doing his job but I soooo wanted to kill the messenger. I run outside and he speeds off. But HA! Our street dead ends and he would have to turn around and come back. So I waited like a predator for his prey. OK. Not really. I waited like the panicky mommy I was because ya kinda need power to cook stuff, blog stuff, watch stuff, wash clothes and know. So he turned around and I say,

"Why did you turn off our power?" Nothing more angry or better came to mind.

"I had a service order for your house. You need to call and work it out."

"But we paid our bill last week...on time too! Maybe you meant to do the neighbors and got the wrong one." There. Now I was getting a groove. He made a mistake. Of course.

Then he says my husbands name. Uh oh. He had the right house.

So I call hubby who got right on the phone with the power company and they said there was a glitch in the system and it would be turned on within the hour.

Um, no.

Try EIGHT HOURS LATER! They came at 6:30 that evening. I had to take the girls out for pizza just to feed them. Oh well. But I was ready to have a power company tech head on a stick.

Ella took 6 steps! That was the great thing about that night. Ella walked on her own for the first time and she keeps trying. Woo Hoo! She is 15 months and I am ready for her to be toddling around here. She will be more destructive and busy but I find it so much easier when they can walk. Call me weird.

That is all my exciting news. Just wanted to let you know I am pretty out of it with a writer's block but perhaps this was still a nice update. Hopefully this will jump start me out of my little, bloggy hiatus.


  1. So, are you out of your writers drama? Steps, steps, really? That is such exciting news. Why do I have to find out about it on your blog though? Love you!

  2. Your girls are TWO cute! Enjoying your blog. I invite you to check out mine...


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