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November 3, 2009

Two Tips Tuesday

Tip #1: Name Basket

This one may be super obvious to most of you but it took me some time to grasp this one. I have seen it on those organization shows, magazine articles, blah, blah. But I never really saw a need to use a basket to contain clutter. If it has a place to go, put it there. And lookey need for the basket. Ah, but my arrogance turned to humility when...yes...


They are not the organized little robots I thought I would train them to be. No, no they are mini cyclones of chaos that disturb my peaceful order. If there is order, I feel peace. I so need help.

But for now I came up with designated baskets to contain the clutter. I still have a specific place for EVERYTHING so the basket helps contain it before it gets there. As I try to clean up around here, I take Cati's basket and grab her shoes, dress up clothes, books, stuffed animals, odds and ends and throw it all together in the basket. Usually I do this at nap time when they won't undo what I just cleaned. Then, when they wake up, I put it all back. Cati is getting great at doing this herself so that helps too. She puts away her laundry and toys from the basket and gets excited she helped Mommy. Everyone wins.

Tip #2: Inspiration Notebook

Yes, another organization tip. I have to confess I like magazines. A lot. If they had bible verses throughout them, I think I would retain scripture in a miraculous way. I also think magazine ads would be cleaner too but perhaps that can wait for another "post on my soapbox."

Magazines could very possibly take over my house if I am not careful. So I try to purge of them every once and awhile. I go through them and take out the articles I love. Stuff like web sites, home decorating, tips, recipes, you name it. Then I put them in page protectors and stick them in a binder categorized by topic.

OK. After typing that I realized I am a geek. I am a bona fide, organizational, freak, geek.

But I reap so many benefits so I shall pass on this tip to you so you can do the same. Come and find your inner geek with me. It'll be fun.

Enjoy your Tuesday.


  1. I found you from Shabby Blogs, and wanted to say what beautiful little girls you have!

    I too love organization, but my three little messies get in the way of that more often than not!! :)

    Blessings! Kate

  2. Wow, you are incredible. Can you please come over and help me? Actually, I think you would pass out if you walked in my house from all the clutter and disorganization. I see what incredible benefits being organized is yet I cannot get there. HELP

  3. I found you from Shabby Blogs, and wanted to let you know you are not alone. Your "inspiration notebook", yep, I have one too! My husband just rolls his eyes and laughs, but at least I know where all my future projects are! -Rebecca

  4. Hopping over from Shabby Blogs as well! I love this idea. I'm a magazine-aholic! For awhile I would just write "KEEP" really big on the front cover if I liked something inside. Now I tear out the article and put it in a labeled accordion may have inspired me to switch to a notebook :)


  5. Hilarious! I do both of these things . . . since I became a mom. My youngest is still too young to leave stuff around, but I've got baskets downstairs to collect my daughter's stuff before it has a chance to be put away. Keeps me sane! And I felt like a nerd the first time I put a ripped magazine page in a binder, but it's way better than saving a billion magazines and forgetting the stuff you saw that you said you'd never forget.

  6. I love your blog! We have a ridiculous amount of things in common. I'm an "organizing junkie"! Happy Organizing!


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