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May 14, 2010

I'm Blue :(

Closing got postponed until next Thursday.  

A whole week.  
On the day my parents come into town who thought they would be visiting us in our new house.  
Which has postponed us 1 to 2 weeks from moving.

So I am blue. And a wee bit weary.

I know.  It could be worse.  But I just wanted all of you to know who are praying or wondering how it is going. Well, it is not going cuz it ain't happening. 

Hmmm...reread that last sentence with bad grammar and intentional misspellings...seems to reveal some bitterness.


Will one of you bake me something sweet and tasty?  I am not picky.  I like all baked goods.  Pastries. A berry tart.  No, scones!  Those are good. Ooh, ice cream!  I want ice cream

Oh, all right.  Let me go run on the treadmill and run this frustration off.

But I am still blue.

P.S.  In the midst of writing this post...they said the closing may change again.   I think, I think...I am losing my ever loving mind. 


  1. Hey Jessica... Sorry about all the ups & downs! You wouldn't want baked goods from me(well, you would, I make great blueberry scones)but by the time they reached wouldn't be good, green fuzz and all.. if it helps, I snagged your button today, and it looks ever so cute scrolling on my blog roll! hang in there..

  2. Oh Jessica, I'm sorry I know closing can be so frustrating, one of my best friends is going through the same thing. On the bright side you will be moving soon :-)

    oh and check out this recipe it is perfect for the occasion lol I am going to have to make it over the weekend

  3. I"m sorry :( these things take soooooooo much time it is almost unbearable! I already baked you a batch of fluffy light, creamy choc. chip oatmeal bars and I ate half for you. Do you want me to eat the other half?

  4. THat is terrible! Oh no! So sorry Jessica! don't they know us girls can't handle this sort of thing :) Maybe I will go eat some ice cream for you too. Yeah...I think I will :)

  5. Jess ~ Ignore my ignorant email asking what was going on, please. Hang in there. We have bought and sold numerous times and this is not unusual. It will be done before you know it. THEN.....there will be presents in the mail. YeeHaw!! Love you!!

  6. So what happened? Love the hat by the way.


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