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May 11, 2010

Pretty Pillow Re-do

I have been so amazed at how many things I have been able to salvage just by adding some creativity mixed with a bit of upcycling.  Not only is it great that I can update some things, but I am saving a bunch of money, reusing, and giving things a touch of custom made flair.

 I have had these decorative pillows from an old bed set.  
  I always thought the ribbon flowers were so sweet. 
 But they do not match my current bedding that is blue, green, khaki, and brown. 

I needed to get rid of the pink.  I figured I would eventually yard sale them or throw them in a goodwill bag but they have sneakily stayed below my radar.

Today I was ready to throw them in a bag when I remembered the bulk of flowers I have made.  I decided a needle and thread and a short cut with a glue gun was in order.

I really do not have time (um, obviously) and I am always about fast, simple, and instant gratification.  Plus, I only like doing things on here that are more for the novice crafter.  Often I endeavor an "I can so do that" thought and then in the midst of a "CRAFTastrophe", I realize I sooooooo can NOT. 

So with this, I just removed the ribbon flowers by cutting them, made a chalk line showing where I wanted my stems to go and did a running stitch.  I could have sewn the flowers on but when I made them, I used hot glue (for another project that died before it had a chance to live) and putting a needle through that stuff is virtually impossible. I figure these pillows are just there to look pretty so why not? Let's glue!

I think they turned out pretty and I am even more happy to have saved two perfectly fine pillows that I can welcome back into my decor. So look around your stored stash and see if you can bring a pillow back to life like this!  It was super fun and took me only 15 minutes.  

And I welcome any opportunity to get a little crafting in. :)

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  1. I want to learn how to make those rolled up fabric roses.... I just got off the phone! um ya I want to learn how to make those to put on bags. :)

  2. Those are gorgeous pillows, way to go! I can so, so relate to you when you get an idea and just want to get it done. And I love your word "CRAFTastrophe". Been there, done that!

  3. The pillows are adorable! I think they are even cuter than before. Thanks for adding the first comment to my blog! I'm having fun so far and it's nice to see how a blog can grow to be as lovely as yours!

  4. Wow--hard to tell these are the same pillows! The "new" one is beautiful!!

  5. Seriously HOW DO YOU DO IT! In the middle of a move & you are bloggin & a craftin!

    I don't know why but I was totally thinking the other day...Jessica is going to have some pretty lucky neighbors to have her moving I stopped & said a little prayer that you find a dear friend or two in your new neighborhood.

    Those pillows. Too cute.

    Too bad you aren't moving to MN :) Too bad for me!

  6. SO cute!! And I love those roses. Any time for a quick link to how to make those??

  7. Jess ~ I want to be you when I grow up. No, seriously!


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