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May 18, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday: I peeked in on YOU!

Unfortunately, I got sidetracked this week.  As in busy. 
OK.  Lazy. 
A little forgetful.
But I have lined up some of you over the next few weeks as I go through the moving process.  I am excited to show off some of you and your bloggy prowess.  Basically, you all rock and I love seeing the creative and smart things  you all do.  Here are two that stick out in my mind this particular week... and one extra...

 Have a sweet, surprise Picnic in the Woods for the kids over at the The Middlest Sister

Is this picnic not the cutest?  I love that she surprised the kids with this fun little picnic and they did not know about it until they walked through the woods and found it!  I absolutely love Libbie's blog and I laugh out loud at so many of her posts about her family.  Please please give her a comment and a hello!

Make this adorable Heart Garland with cereal/cracker boxes at Home's Where My Heart Is

Erin is like me which endears her to my heart. We are not afraid to be random.  A little creative thing here, a heart felt post there.  It is so fabulous to have a bloggy friend who works her blog beautifully to have her say...and say it.  I love her candor and I fell in love with this little heart garland and had to share it. She recycled and used materials any of us could find.  Plus, this could be any shape and for any occasion. 
Over the weekend, I went to a friend's Thirty-One Party (never heard of these bags but they are so cute!  My favorites are the lunch totes for kids).  They also sell stationary and this is how it was set up!  In pots with clothes pins.  So cute!  There are so many things you could do with this. Birthdays, Christmas, photos, place cards, etc.   I just loved it.

I have more but I need to save up for the weeks to come.

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. I totally love that garland! I went over & visited Erin! Thanks for the introduction!

    Thanks for the sweet things about my lil blog too. I am so glad to have a friend like you!!!

  2. Hi-my sister Libbie's blog sent me over to you- love your blog! Cute garland & LOVE the plants blooming with anything you clip on to them!
    Super cute!

  3. What fun finds. A surprise picnic in the woods...a n adorable garland made of of easy to find it!
    504 Main

  4. Jessica, I hopped over from Libbie's blog. Hey, I live in the Tampa Bay area! Your girls are so darling. Blessings!

  5. Hi,
    The other sis of Lib's coming to say hello! Good luck with your moving, I know that can be a total pain, hopefully it will be as stress-free and smooth as possible! Good luck,

  6. Is Libbie not amazing? I think she needs to have another woodland picnic and invite us big girls. What do you think, Jess?


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