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May 24, 2010

Two Tips Tuesday: More Tips From YOU!

It has been great fun checking out so many of your blogs.  All of you are so witty, fun, creative, and inspirational.  I love getting a glimpse of your lives and seeing parts of your identity within the context of your posts.  I wish I have had more time to peek in on you but things are hectic in the Two Shades of Pink household.  So on with two great tips from two fantabulous blogs...

Embellish Unsightly Books for Gorgeous Display 
at Thrifty and Chic.

Alicia has an eye candy type of blog for me.  I swooned a bit on my first visit but remembered she is a real person and not some rock star and finally left a comment. I can scroll through her archives and find nothing I would not love to do or have in my home.  She is so talented and inspirational with her projects.  Like this one.  Oh, and this too! And the best part?  She does it on the cheap and everything is gorgeous and well done.  Love it! Love Her!  Go say hi and give her some bloggy love too!  How I wish she lived near me to be my on call decorator. And a friend to have coffee with too!

Amp Up Your Hoop Earrings 
with Jessica at Happy Together

I absolutely love Jessica and all of her creativity. Her blog is full of her fresh, innovative, and incredibly beautiful work including this and this and this. If I had the ability to sew or crochet like she as I know it would be full of all things handmade.  All THINGS, I TELL YOU! I would crochet a car cover or sew cozies for all my juice glasses or something.  But alas...I am a novice sewer so I drool over other people and their talents. And their creations.  And this one just blows me away. Oh, and the icing on the cake?  That fabulous plate!

And here is a sneak peek on my own current project that has been shelved until we are completely moved in and I can find my crafty mojo again...

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. Ok, how cool are these little tidbits!?!?!?! Love em. Just. Love. Them.

    I crochet, Jess. Give me your colors and I will crochet something for you. No car covers, please. I am not that good...yet.

    BTW....start watching your mailbox next week. Seriously, stand there and watch it. A little box of nothing is coming soon.

  2. Marla I want a car cover!!
    I am loving the fruit of the spirit, might have to make those! Good way to teach those to the kiddos. Can't wait to hear a house update!

  3. I keep waiting for your Two Tips to read something like this...
    Tip #1: Stay Where you are.
    Tip #2: Don't buy a new house.

    Love ya girl!

  4. That book stack is REALLY cute! I have to show my sis! She totally has tons of old books & is crafty like that!

    I love the new look for the old earings too! I only wear one pair that is dear to my heart but if I didn't...I'd be all over those!

    I can't believe you made those little fruits of the spirit! They are way too cute! I bet your girls love 'em!!!

    Hope all is going well with the fixing! I can't imagine what you are doing even as I type!

    Take care!

  5. I love the little fruit of the spirit thingies you made. What a great idea! Happy moving!


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