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November 24, 2010

Gift Wrap Ideas Coming Soon!


Oh My Word Y'all!
I can not believe we are upon the HOLIDAY SEASON!

I mean...
And I don't know about any of you but we decorate the day after Turkey Day which is so fun that I almost want to climb up in the attic and haul everything down right this instant!

But I will maintain some self control since THAT job belongs to the HUBSTER.
I will just makes things pretty. :)

In the meantime, I have been trying to come up with some fun ideas for gift wrap.  
Are they all practical?  
Maybe.  Maybe not.  
Some may be a teeny tiny bit ambitious.  
Some are a bit whimsical.  
Some are just unique and simple.

But totally worth checking out.

 Here is a sneak peek of day one...
Oooohhh...I can hardly wait!

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  1. La la la la... What? Christmas? Nah...I've got plenty of time... right? Please help me not freak out, lol, but even if I'm nowhere near ready,I'm looking forward to your wrapping ideas!

  2. we put our tree up thanksgiving night, I'm so excited!!

  3. I can hardly wait either!!! Looks good!!!

    I totally loved hearing about your little dumpster diver too...I am blaing my sister Kate...Annie got it from her ;) Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  4. oohhh you know how much i LOVE pretty packaging !!!!!!!cant wait!!!

  5. Here's the chopper that I have. It's pretty unexciting other than the fact that it makes my kids like salads. :) I got mine from Target a few years ago but I still see them there (by the salad spinners)

    BTW... we share a lot of history. We'll have to chat more. PCOS, adoption, loss, joy, infertility, fast engagements-marriages, etc. Very cool.

  6. Hi hope you had a great Thanksgiving and your trimmings are all up now. We don't put up ours until after our Anniversary on the 11th December... I know a stupid time to get wed but..........Love your blog and your story.xjean

  7. I want to win!!! Pick me!!!! I know based on color scheme who requested the package toppers and I can't wait to see them so cutely arranged under her tree!!!
    You rockmiss crafty girl.
    Jennifer n

  8. I just found your blog, and I'm so glad I did. Followed you on bloglovin' I read your about me, and infertility story - you are such an inspiring woman! (such a great role model!) I love your gift wrap idea as well, can you do a tutorial? I'm horrible at sewing..haha.

  9. Please forgive me. I am still mad you were not really on my front porch. Sigh....


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