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November 23, 2010

Last Minute Turkey Craft for Kids

Today, us girls had a play date with my good friend Jenny and her sweet as pie kids.  Yes, I am mentioning once again that my good friend Jenny is the one who did the UP costume on Halloween.  Officially, this is the last time I will mention it. The end.

Anyway, her adorable kids came over and we played outside but stopped to do a quick craft for Thanksgiving.
 Wooden Spoon Turkeys!

I originally got the idea from the great blog Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.  I was excited to do this and only changed it up slightly from what she did.  I am planning on bringing this craft for all the kids to do on Thanksgiving Day.

It is super easy if you prepare it ahead and put all the materials in separate bags.  Then, all you will need is glue for the actual craft on Turkey Day. My goal is to NOT use paint.

Materials Used:  
1 wooden spoon
6-8 multicolored craft sticks (or paint your own)
triangle beak and wattle cut from felt
googly eyes
small woven trivet (pack of 3 from dollar tree)
(You can leave out the trivet or maybe cut our felt or paper for the back)
Start by gluing your eyes on the front of the spoon.
This would be Ella's artistic interpretation.
Next, glue on your gobbler thingy. It's called a wattle but I had to look that up. 
Or is it a snood? I seriously have no idea.
I'm going with gobbler thingy.
Then glue on the beak. Let it all dry.

Then turn the spoon over and glue the sticks in a fan pattern.
Put a whole mess of glue on the back...
Then glue your trivet (or felt/paper piece to the back).  
Do not turn over until completely dry!
 Cati's fabulous turkey!
Ella's Picasso Turkey. :)

Happy Turkey Making!


  1. I'm diggin picasso turkey. Too cute for words!


  2. Oh my goodness- tooooo cute! :) Happy Turkey Day, doll! :)

  3. Hey Jess...are you amazing or what!!! That is adorable!! I totally love how different they are even given the same materials! I hope you guys have a fabulous Thanksgiving & I hope you don't have too cook too much!!! We have 2 full days of Thanksgiving fun ahead :) Should be interesting!

  4. Awesome! (in a sing-songy-type voice) YOU ROCK!

  5. Yey! This was so much fun, and the pictures turned out great! I have to add on here that the finished product was SO cute and SO easily incorporated into our holiday decor. I stuck Miss M's wooden spoon turkey in a bale of hay at our front door to welcome people, and stuck Drew's into a vase in our table's centerpiece. Thank you for sharing your crafty giftedness with us!!!!

  6. Gobbler thingy! ROFL!!!!

    Both the girls did a fine job however Ella's turkey....priceless!


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