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November 29, 2010

Gift Wrap Ideas: Day 1

I am so excited to share some simple and frugal ideas for gift wrapping presents that can be ideas to use throughout the year!  I am still not done with the week's line up but I plan to have a few tutorials throughout the week showing you how to make some easy little gift adornments.

Day 1 is so ME because I have a complete obsession with anything fabric and felt.  Which is odd for a somewhat novice sewer like myself but I am drawn to comfy, cozy textures.  They speak to me.  And this year, I decided to incorporate that into the gift wrapping for my nieces and nephews...5 nephews and 3 nieces. (2 nieces were just born a month ago and are FUN!)

So I decided to make them... 

ornaments that are also gift toppers  
(and matched the wrapping paper too)

A cutie patootie little birdie on a branch!

I can honestly tell you that this is probably my absolute favorite idea of the entire week.  And apparently my philosophy is not to save the best for last but kick the week off  with a bang!

This bird was pretty simple to make...  
I just used pink fleece (from a blanket) and cut out the shape (2) of a bird freehand, stuffed the bird with a little polyfil and used a blanket stitch and some scrap felt for the beak and wing.  The eye is a colored bead.   The twig has felt leaves and brown yarn wrapped from one end to the other.  I secured it by slipping it under the knot and used matching yarn to tie off the gift. 
  For my nephews, I bought this cute wrapping paper and made a car and truck to match.
I love how the black, felt ribbon looks like a road.  
But I wanted to add some extra whimsy so I added exhaust clouds too...

 These cute circle ones were very simple to make and I was inspired to do this since most of my gifts are mailed up north where all of our family lives.  Bows usually get squashed in the box so I figured I would make some of these that are quick to make and package easily.
But get this...

My good friend spied the circle gift topper during a play date and actually asked me to make her some and offered to pay me!
I refused payment until she said she would not accept them unless she could pay me.
I finally said I would do it and got started.

And guess what happened?

As I made them I suddenly knew that my year long yearning to open an Etsy shop may be realized.
 Breathe. Breathe. Throw up a little. Breathe.

Who knew God would use my sweet friend to spur me on when I have been trembling with fear to do it?

But I am still scared.

I finished the 10 gift toppers she asked for and she was so excited when I showed them to her at church!  
I was a bit nervous because I went outside the circle idea she initially saw but she said she trusted my creativity.  
 I made these!
She asked for a brown, blue, and green color scheme and I just went nuts making all of these.
Some are flat, some are like little pillows, some have ruffles, some are flowers, some are pom poms. 
Aren't they unique and fun?  
I feel sad to even part with them!
 Hope you liked DAY 1 of gift wrap ideas.
(Let me know what you think)
 Tomorrow is Day 2!!!!!

 P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends tomorrow.

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  1. THese are soooo awesome!!! Seriously I can't believe how cute they are!!! I am so glad she convinced you to be paid because you because that is a ton of work!!! These are wayyyy too cute! You are so meant to be some famous magazine idea lady :) I better run because Rock is screaming his little head off but I could go on for another hour at least telling you how amazing you are ;)

  2. You are worth every single pom pom in the universe!! Love it.

  3. I absolutely LOVE them and I a jealous that my own packages will not look this adorable!

  4. I am so impressed. Beyond awesome. A gift ON a gift. What a concept??!!??!! I am a big fan...

  5. That's amazing. I love, love, love it. I seriously don't think I would be able to replicate anything even close to it but I absolutely adore the idea!!

  6. So cute I love love love the bird!! I too have been yearning to open an etsy shop but have been too scared as well! Good luck!!

  7. Oh my goodness!! You have been busy and it is all amazing. I can't even pick one fave because they are all wonderful!

  8. I love them all- but the bird is my when will they be on etsy I just can't wait till you open a shop.You really need to share your talent Like maybe this is what God wants you to do I mean you are talking to a stranger in Australia who loves your work,so who knows where this could take you -dee

  9. I'm in LOVE with these cute package toppers. You HAVE to open an Etsy store! I can't wait to read day #2!

    P.S. I LOVE the birdies on the sides of the blog!

  10. Goodness! How stinkin' cute, Jessica! :)

  11. Hey... look, I finally joined the party (already 3 days in progress... oops!). I LOVE all the ideas so far. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR all your hard work!

    Now... you have to let us know when you open that etsy shop... on the edge of my seat for it!

  12. Jess Jess . . . I'm loving it. You + Etsy = AWESOME IDEA. You can do it, girl. :)

  13. Everything is gorgeous! your Etsy up and running? How do I get there? Are you a bazillionairre yet?


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